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What Are the Most Common Issues with Air Conditioning

Having a functional AC in the summer has become a priority in most of the country, which is why we all need to do everything we can to ensure that our ACs work well.

We reached out to air conditioning experts at Action AC to tell us more about the most common problems that people encounter with their ACs. If you notice these problems, you need to consult the professionals as soon as possible; otherwise your risk being left without functioning AC in the heat of the summer.

Your AC Is Leaking Water Outside

When your AC is running, it takes the moisture out of the indoor air (alongside with the heat energy), and deposits it outdoors. That means that water dripping from your outdoor unit when it’s working full bore is pretty normal.

However, there are situations when the water leaking from your AC is not ideal. For instance, having dirty air filters, or a clogged drain pipe can cause the water to drip from places you don’t expect it, such as the indoor unit, or the middle of the drain pipe. Fortunately, the repair is easy enough and relatively inexpensive.

Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

If everything else works fine, but your AC is not blowing the cold air you’re expecting, there is an obstruction in the air flow inside your system. The most common issue that causes this problem is a dirty, blocked air filter.

Replace or wash your air filter once a month (depending on the manufacturer’s instructions). And the problem should go away. If it doesn’t you may have a bigger problem and should probably consult a trained AC mechanic.

The Outdoor Unit Is Freezing Over

Finding the outdoor unit frozen can be a cause for alarm – after all, if it’s frozen, it cannot dissipate the heat it collected from the indoor unit and thus cool your home effectively. There are a few potential reasons why this might be happening.

The most common of them is a low level of refrigerant in the system – whether due to a leak or through a natural loss of the refrigerant over time. In any case, if refrigerant is the problem, an AC technician can spot and repair a leak (if there is one), and recharge your system.

Another common problem that might cause the AC freezing is a problem with a blower motor. However, you should be able to hear (or not hear) the motor working – making this source easy to diagnose.

AC Is Not Turning On At All

Well, the most common source of this problem is that your thermostat is not working – and not sending the signal to the AC unit at all. Make sure that the thermostat is functioning and that it has been properly set to cooling.

If the thermostat is not the cause of your problem, the AC is not getting power, most likely. Check the circuit breaker controlling the AC and make sure it’s in the on position. If neither of these is the problem, the issue might be something much more complex and requires a professional to diagnose.

Strange Noises Coming from the AC

The AC makes noise when it operates, but if you notice a sound that is not common, it is typically a sign that something is wrong. For instance, a hissing sound is a strong indication that your refrigerant is leaking. If followed by the above-mentioned freezing of the outdoor unit, chances are you spotted the problem early on.

A rattling or a banging noise is typically an indication that a blower motor, or its mounting are the issue, whereas a clicking or a buzzing sound most likely points out to an electrical problem.

Knowing your AC and being able to detect when it is behaving strangely is a great way to ensure you spot any potential problems early on and prevent it escalating in both complexity and cost.




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