What are the Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain?

August 31, 2021

Although plumbing problems are not uncommon, many people may not realize that they have a concern. Clogged drains can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes all that's needed is drain cleaner to fix the problem. For more severe clogs, using a plumbing service in East London may offer the best solution. However, regardless of the solution chosen, these are a few signs that you have a clogged drain


Bad Smells from the Drain

A drain may be either partially or fully blocked. However, if some water can get through the drain, then it may not be obvious that you have a problem. A partial blockage will cause some materials to build up in the pipes though and will have a bad odor. If you notice that the drain starts to have a bad smell, even after cleaning the area, then it's likely you have at least some degree of blockage.


Water Drains Slowly

Once again, a partial blockage means that some water will get through the drain but probably won't drain as quickly. A sink of water should drain within a few seconds. If you notice that water is building up in the area and that the water drains over a period of minutes or takes even longer, it's likely that you have a blockage. You may also notice that the problem worsens over time. This can occur when the drain starts to become more blocked over time. This is common with drains such as shower drains where hair can often cause a blockage slowly over time.


Water Backs Up

This can happen in the sink, tub, shower, or the toilet. Water that isn't passing through the drain typically means that there is a blockage somewhere in the system. You can perform a visual inspection to see if the blockage is visible. Many times it's not but if the water is starting to back up, then you have a problem.

The blockage may be more severe if you start to notice puddles of water in the area. Take note if there are any puddles near your drains as this may be a sign that water is blocked. This can be a serious concern and may cause damage.


Seeing or Hearing Bubbling

This is more common for the toilet when the drain is blocked. The toilet should not bubble but after flushing, it may start to bubble if there is a blockage. You may hear or see this happen. If it continues to bubble, it's likely that something is blocked the drain. Make sure to address this promptly as it can lead to problems.

Finally, all of these signs can be a signal that your system has a blockage. Some blockages can be serious and damage the entire system. For this reason, it's best to keep an eye on the plumbing and address any concerns promptly. By taking steps to manage and treat any problems with the plumbing, it's much less likely to end up with an emergency situation on your hands.


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