Why Is Air Quality Important To Human Health?

August 20, 2021

Breathing is the most important thing in human life because it's when we breathe that we feel and know we are alive. Breathing in a harmful gas can endanger one’s life.

The question at hand is what is quality air and why is quality air important to human health.

Quality air is the clean air that we breathe in and out that is not contaminated or polluted from any external or internal source and is regarded as the most important thing in our life.

Most a times the air we breathe contains solid particle and chemical pollutants.

Quality air is very important because, without it, we are prone to multiple diseases. Bad air quality gives a higher risk of complications to people suffering from cystic fibrosis.

When we breathe in contaminated air, it enters our lungs and obstructs our breathing and heart functions. This can result in a severe problem with a decrease in lifespan which nobody wants.

In most cases, it gets to our rein and can cause health problems such as Asthma, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

People living near factories and chemical industries that uses big machineries and releases toxic gases are exposed to low-quality air. However, there are high chances of premature birth, constant illness and other problems.

There are a lot of qualified anti-pollutants that countries are trying to provide to reduce the effect.

Air pollution

It is the release of harmful substances into the air which can affect breathing and the body in general. The Ambient Air Quality Directive (AAQD)

Causes Of Air Pollution

Nowadays, air pollution is caused by both solid, liquid, and gaseous particles suspended in the air. These particles might be from vehicles or industries and are termed AEROSOLS

Effect Of Air Pollutants In Our Body

The effect depends on the kind of pollutant we inhale:

  • Soot and smog

Smog is also known as group-level ozone is a result of fossil fuel emission when reacted to sunlight. It comes either in solid or gaseous form. Smog and spot can be from the same source, they all can be from vehicles or industries.

They cause throat irritation and damage the lungs most especially in young children. It causes heart disease, and worsens bronchitis, and sometimes leads to death. It affects black people more than Latinos.

  • Hazardous Contaminants

These contaminants vary but the most common are lead, mercury, dioxins, and benzene. All these are mostly emitted during gas combustion.

  • Lead

Most especially in large amounts, damaged children's brains and kidneys. Even small exposure can lead to decrease in their IQ and learning ability.

  • Dioxins

It is mostly found in food and sometimes a small percentage in the air. It affects the liver, harms the immune system, and affects hormonal regulations, brain and reproduction.

  • Mercury

It directly affects the brain.

  • Pollen and molds

These are contaminants from trees and they affect the lungs.

Ways To Solve Air Pollution

All sorts of industries should be built far away from the community

Switching to modern energy source whose effect is minimal

Increase fuel efficiency in cars and trucks.

People of lower communities or closed to industries are more exposed to bad air than people in the urban areas sometimes. Even with the air pollutants detectors, some pollutants are very hard to detect sometimes and they might be the most dangerous ones.

Air pollution doesn't only affect our health, but also the economy in general.

  • It affects work, schools, and increases medical and utility bills.
  • It also affects one of the most important sectors; agriculture. When agricultural products get damaged, there won't be sufficient food supply in the community leading to an increase in price to affect the customers.
  • It also affects environmental building
  • It affects current and upcoming business. For example, a certain area is exposed to air pollution which leads to restriction, there is no business to be carried out in that area leading to a decrease in the community space.

This air pollution doesn't only affect sick people, it also affects healthy individuals.

Symptoms Of Bad Air

  • Irritation of certain organs in the body such as the eye, nose, throat, and skin
  • Mild headache
  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion.

Benefits Of Breathing Quality Air

As said, better air for better health. Breathing good air has no disadvantage. It provides support for all life activities and you will see tremendous development in places that have quality air.

Everywhere we go, we need fresh air to survive. Think of that moment that you come back from work or school with all the stress and discover that your air is contaminated. Good air is the major source of good and healthy life. With good air;

  • Breathing will become easy.

We normally take breathing for granted until we find ourselves in a situation where we can't breathe air properly. The more contaminated the air, the more it becomes hard to breathe and prone to illness. There is a lot of artificial equipment such as air conditioners that have dehumidifying components which makes breathing easy.

  • Better sleep

Better sleep comes with good air, when we can breathe easily, the level of our stress tends to decrease which helps sleep to come easily and fast. Most especially cooler air temperature. It will help us to sleep better and have some relaxation. An air conditioner can help a bit in this aspect.

  • Get rid of bad odor

Breathing quality air will make you detect bad odor easily and with the help of organic fresheners, you can eradicate it and give your home fragrance and good air at the same time.

  • Low medical and utility bill

When there is no pollution, medical costs won't be high because the level of illness is low and utility bills will also be lower.

  • Economy and businesses will be moving forward

Agricultural sectors will be able to provide an adequate supply of quality foods. Yields and harvest will become easier.


Why air quality important to human health is because there are a lot of health benefits associated with it. Decreasing the level of pollutants means reducing the number of diseases and premature death in a community. When you have a good air supply, your lungs will always remain clean, breathing will be easy. You will always be in a good mood, it will cut the risk of heart and lung disease such as asthma. It will stabilize you emotionally and psychologically. It will improve your skin appearance, and lastly will help in digesting properly.



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