Why Roofing and Siding Inspections Are Crucial To Home Renovations

August 25, 2021

The roof and siding of your home get exposed to harsh elements like snow, humidity, wind, and rain. While they're made of durable materials, it’s said that they may need to be maintained regularly to keep them in good condition.

Poorly maintained exteriors can end up leaking water into the walls and ceilings of your living space’s interior. This results in extensive rot, mildew, and mold damages. Also, air might find its way into the house, pushing your energy bills up due to inefficient temperature management during the Canadian winter and summer months.

Renovating your home exteriors is said to be a great way to fix leaking roofs and sidings. However, getting your exteriors inspected before implementing major changes in your home is a crucial aspect one shouldn’t forget. When done by a professional, inspection reports provide important information about the structural integrity and fitness of roofs and sidings of a residence.

If you're looking to renovate the exteriors of your Ontario home, here are five reasons why you need to conduct roofing and siding inspections:

  1. Determine Renovation Costs

When planning for home renovations, most people tend to prioritize getting reliable contractors over conducting an inspection first. This approach can be costly in the long run.

Though getting a roofing and siding inspection done early may seem costly, it gives you clarity on how much it'll cost you to renovate your roof and siding. Furthermore, you can have your exteriors inspected for free when you work with a company that conducts eavestrough repair Waterloo, Kitchener, and other surrounding communities.

A home roof and siding inspection report provides many details including the number of siding panels or roof shingles that need replacement or repair and the like. This information enables you to set aside a working budget for the exterior renovations.

2. Know The Damage You'll Be Dealing With

Prior to renovating your home, you need to know what issues are present that need to be fixed on your home's exterior. An inspection of the roofing and sidings helps you determine the areas that need repairs. It also shows you the extent of damage in each of those areas.

3. Spot Hidden Damages

A roof and siding inspection will also identify minor problems like tiny cracks or leaks that need to be fixed before they become huge, costly catastrophes. Also, roof inspection with Tornado Roofing who conduct roofing and siding inspections can spot issues that may not be obvious to you and advise you on what to do to prevent future damages.

When it comes to siding, the damage tends to start from the inside, moving outwards. Often, it’s said to begin below the surface of the exterior. If the damage isn't fixed early, mold, mildew, and rot attack the siding.

Spotting the effects of water or dry lot damages on your home's siding can be challenging. An untrained person can't spot seemingly invisible damage but getting a professional to inspect your siding is extremely helpful.

4. Your Gutters Will Be Inspected Too

When you get a licensed inspector to examine your roof, they’ll take a look at the gutters as well. Gutters are crucial in protecting your home because they prevent basement leakages. If the gutters and downspouts in your home aren't cleaned regularly or positioned correctly, they can expose your home's foundation to possible damage. Black mold and mildew could form on the foundation, exposing your home to unnecessary pressure.

A house’s gutters also play an essential role in protecting the siding against rot. If they're not rinsed regularly, the accumulated debris causes moisture buildup. This exposes the roof framing and fascia boards to water for an extended period. Roofing and siding inspections identify these problems, allowing you to fix them as you renovate your home.

5. Get A Quality Roof And Siding Inspection Report

When you get a professional to inspect your roof and sidings, you get a comprehensive report covering all parts of your home's exterior. A roofing and siding inspection focuses on various areas of concern that include extraordinary wear and tear, cracks, leaks, and rust. They also look out for damaged panels or shingles, weather damage, fungus, mold, problems arising from poor installation of shingles or panels, and damage to gutters, vents, or chimneys.

A professional roofing and siding inspection identifies the major and minor structural problems in your home. It also assesses the quality of roofing and siding materials. Inspectors often raise concern over material quality where there's significant mold, rust, or stains on the siding and roof.


Home renovation is an effective way to keep it in good shape. Getting your roof and siding inspected before you commence renovations gives you a clear picture of how much damage you'll need to fix. This helps you budget for the renovation appropriately and get every problem fixed to ensure a successful home improvement project.

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