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10 Most Popular Consumer Electronics Brands in the USA

Are you interested to know about the famous consumer electronic brands of the USA?  Whether the answer is yes or no, these writing pieces will be informative and useful for you. We made a list of electronic brands that people trusted most. They prefer to choose these brands for buying products with these names. Due to the great popularity, the wholesale business can make money with this business option.

If you ever think of starting a wholesale consumer electronics business in electronics then, keep these brands on your priority.

Best Consumer Electronic Brands in the USA


Who doesn’t know the Apple Brand? Of course, people of all ages, statuses, or classes are familiar with the Apple brand. It is a big name in the technology, electronic, and software industries. Their higher-quality smartphones, laptops, personal computers, tablets, etc. are highly demanded by customers. According to Statista, Apple is the world’s largest company with the highest capital.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung is also the first choice of many users for consumer electronics due to reasonable prices and quality electronics products. With respect to market capitalization, it is ranked in 11 positions.  They deal with almost every category of electronics like display, tv or av, and a huge variety of home appliances.

Intel Corporation

Intel is one top manufacturer in the semiconductor industry.  They have been involved in the manufacturing of a variety of components used in different devices. Like microprocessors, electronic chips. It is the main supplier for computer processors to top computer manufacturers. Due to their higher quality and innovative products, consumers prefer digital devices with their products.


Huawei is another good name for telecom equipment.  Their products are available in more than 170 countries. Their mission is to provide ease of use of digital gadgets to every person. They provide the best features products for all situations like home, office, travel, health, etc. their wide range of phones, laptops, tablets, wearables routers easily.

Sony Corporation

Sony corporation is another name for quality electronics. Moreover, they have a wide range of products in camera, audio, smartphone categories with a wide range of accessories. The top-notch variety of tv and video.  Due to their higher quality, the Sony brand is also demanded by many users for accessories and other products.


In the 6th number, we suggested checking the Philips brand. People prefer to choose consumer electronics with this brand. The products are not only of higher quality but also have innovative and advanced ideas.  They deal in daily usage products like personal care, audio, vision, mother & child care, etc. The target of good sales can be achieved with the wholesale consumer electronics from Philips and it can be a source of higher profit ratio.


Gateway has USA origin and served customers for a number of decades. In 2007, Acer acquired Gateway to grab a higher share in the market. Their products include a variety of computer hardware, personal computers, monitors, servers, and other networking devices.  They provide these products through the retailers, e-tailers and other channel parts in the USA and outside the USA.


Hp has had an origin in the USA and is involved in manufacturing of laptops, printers, computer hardware, technology hardware.  They also have fame for quality products. They have a wide range of digital devices and accessories. These can be bought for both personal or business setup. The complete range is easily accessible through their online website and also from the outlets.


Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, California, in the center of Silicon Valley. Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.


We completed this list with the name of   Amphenol.  It is a quality manufacturer of many electronic products. Basically, they deal with interconnected products. They target the communication and information processing market with electronic, fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, etc. due to their good quality, they have customers all over the world.

The above-enlisted names are trusted names for electronic products in the USA. We have tried to give the names with different categories. For wholesale consumer electronic business, products with these brands will create a win-win situation for you.

Lastly, we suggest conducting thorough research to avoid any fraud. Not only search these options but also search the other brands.  Then find the easier supply chain option for new businesses like the online wholesale marketplaces.

Hope so, this information will help you to make the final decision. Have any question related to this topic, must share it with us.


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