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3 Key Features of Real Estate App

Real estate mobile application utilization for discovering, purchasing, and selling properties online is on the rise. Real estate has always been a fruitful sector, and now, with smartphones evolving, the industry is gaining much more prominence. This trend is also fueling tough competition in the present real estate market. As per reports, 96% of the real estate firms operate with their websites and property listings.

Launching a website is a very small step that you will be taking to be a part of this massive competition. But you can only outshine the competitors when you also create your mobile application along with the website. There are some must-have real estate mobile app features that call for integration. A mobile application development agency can help you to get hands-on an outstanding real estate application.

Here are 3 Key Features of Real Estate App Should Have

The primary objective of creating a real estate application is to grab the users’ attention and make the selling or purchasing process seamless for them. But it is something that every app does. Therefore, you must check the latest features and trends so that people perceive your application as unique.

  1. Maps: As you integrate maps in the real estate application, end-users can get a massive pile of valuable information hands-on. As a realtor, you can display property locations and the statistics and data linked with the selected properties. There will be location wise details like nearby schools, crime rate, average income, and infrastructure available. Usually, you can get these details from government websites. But a top-notch real estate application will fetch such details from those websites and showcase them on the map in the end users’ applications.
  2. Direct Messaging or Call: When you are a real estate agent, you always make it a point to offer in-depth information on various properties to users. But to reach the next level of the sales funnel, there is an option to add the direct messaging or call feature in your real estate application. It is now possible to connect the purchasers with the agents through booking consultation, call back option, online chat, and direct call.


3. Virtual Tour: If you contemplate which real estate mobile app features to incorporate, you can never miss this. A 3D walkthrough or a virtual tour is a remarkable way of offering patrons a real-time experience of the property they are interested in. As per a report, 75% of first-time property buyers believe that a virtual tour is essential. When they visualize themselves inside the home, they can check the property from all angles. This will help them with the decision making process.

Turing Notions into Digital Realities

With the right real estate, mobile app features, it is possible to transform Your business digitally. All you need to do is get in touch with an award-winning mobile application development agency that will take the real estate game to the next level.


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