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3 of the Most Influential Architects in History

                                                                                                                                                     Architecture is a fascinating combination of art and science. It takes an enormous amount of creativity, engineering, and design skill. Some of the most influential architects in history have completely changed the way we think about interior and exterior living spaces.

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright was born in Wisconsin, and the plains of the Midwest influenced his work. He created sensible buildings in a Prairie House style, which was specifically made to offset the Victorian designs of the time. Victorian design was defined by dark interiors, lots of embellishments, and gaudy excess. But Lloyd Wright’s buildings were clean, geometric, and horizontal. That didn’t mean that his designs were boring, though. His Falling Water building is the most famous of his career because of its incredible optical illusion. The stacks of balconies appear to float above the waterfall that spills from the house.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry may be the most famous modern architect today. His name became well-known when he designed the Guggenheim Museum that opened in Bilbao, Spain in 1997. He already had a reputation for daring designs that seemed to defy physics, but the Guggenheim made him a household name. Since the museum opened in 1997, Gehry has used a similar architectural style with multiple other high-profile buildings. He’s the genius behind the Strata Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he also created the Los Angeles Disney Hall. The simple rapture of the Guggenheim Museum is this: it looks like a massive ship tied along a river. Tourist revenue from the museum revived the economy of the hosting city.

Renzo Piano

Some architects are known for having one signature style or silhouette. Renzo Piano is known for the opposite. Every building he creates is a work of art, but they are all extremely different from each other. To create a museum in a meatpacking district, he drew upon neo-brutalist design motifs. But when creating a display in upscale Houston, he crafted a stately building filled with light and greenery. The one theme holding Piano’s work together is futurism. His buildings are technological and modern, like something out of a sci-fi movie.


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