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4 Best Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy When Traveling

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                When you are traveling and having a good time, you sometimes forget to look after yourself. The good vibes can only sustain you for so long before neglecting your body and mind can start to catch up, and you don’t want that happening when you are thousands of miles away from home. Here are five ways you can keep yourself healthy while traveling and make the most of your adventures.

Use Castor Oil

It can be easy to let your self-care routine slip away when you’re on a hectic schedule (i.e., spending too much time on the dancefloor partying with your new friends). Your hair might be dry, skin might be flaky and your body could most likely do with some nourishment. We’ve all been there. The number one natural product to have in your backpack at times like these is castor oil. Purchasing some castor oil to take with you on your travels will give you natural hair growth and nourishment while looking after your scalp, skin, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails. When your travel buddies are all looking a little rough as the traveling lifestyle starts to take its toll, you will stand out being a castor oil hair growth advocate.

Eat Properly

You are no doubt going to be trying all the best local foods and venturing outside your normal eating habits. However exciting this is, it is important to remember that your body may not like the new flavors and spices. Ensure you eat regularly and don’t sustain yourself on snacks, as it will leave you feeling tired and hungry. Cut back on spicy foods if they’re not settling in your tummy and be mindful of foods that cause you bloating. Always make time for breakfast and do your best to pack in as much fruit and veg as you can.

Take Rest Days

This might be hard for some people and easier for others but taking the occasional rest day will help you feel re-energized. Traveling is supposed to be enjoyed, and you should make the most of all opportunities but don’t forget that your body has a limit too. After the initial few days of enjoying the novelty of a tropical climate, the heat and humidity will catch up so take some time to chill out. Read a book, watch some TV, meditate, get an early night – as long as you’re resting. Likewise, if you are at a high altitude, take time to acclimatize and don’t put your body under any pressure. The key takeaway here is don’t ignore your body just because you are on vacation.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Looking after your mental health still applies, even when you feel you are in a good space. Subconsciously there will still be things that play on your mind. You are also adjusting to a completely different environment. It’s absolutely fine to miss home – most people do and it doesn’t mean you have to catch the first flight back; it just means you need to recognize it is normal and talk about it. You will have down days, too. It’s all part of the experience and acknowledging it will help you get through them.


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