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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Fire Door For Your Home

If you are building a new home, renovating your current home, or just want to improve your home’s fire safety, you might be wondering whether or not a fire door will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Well-built fire doors are able to withstand powerful fires for a long period of time.

They are designed to delay a fire from spreading, and they have saved many lives. If you shut the door firmly during a fire, it will act as a barrier to help contain the fire. Fires can easily get through traditional doors found in most homes, but a well-constructed fire door might be able to resist the smoke and the flames of a raging fire for approximately thirty minutes.

Fire Doors Won’t Take Away From Your Home’s Design

Because more and more homeowners are installing interior and exterior fire doors in their homes, there are plenty of sleek and elegant fire doors readily available. A lot of homeowners assume that fire doors are big and ugly, but there are a wide range of fire doors out there that will look great in your home. You should have no problems finding a door that fits in with your home’s current design and color scheme.

Not only will these fire doors help during a fire, but they tend to have a long lifespan. They are made of strong and solid material, so fire doors can help improve your home’s security. If an intruder was to enter your home, they would find it extremely difficult to break through a fire door.

There are Different Types of Fire Doors Available

If you are in the market for an interior fire door for your home, here are a few things you should consider:

  • There are two different types of fire doors out there: You can either invest in a slab or a pre-hung fire door. A slab door is without any hinges, a frame, or even a handle. A lot of slab doors come unfinished, so you will have to paint them yourself. This is ideal for those wanting to paint the door in their preferred color.
  • Sizes vary: It is vital that you examine the door’s measurements before you purchase a new fire door. It must fit properly in the area where you are fitting it, otherwise, it won’t function properly during a fire. If you are replacing it with an existing door, make sure that the dimensions are the exact same.

It Will Help You Buy Some Time Before The Fire Fighters Arrive

House fires can spread very quickly, so time isn’t always on your side. Because a fire door can help contain the fire longer than standard doors, the fire services will have more time to arrive on the scene before the fire gets out of control. It will help isolate certain areas throughout your home, which can give the people inside the home more time to evacuate the premises. Not only can these powerful doors help save lives, but they can help limit the amount of damage caused by the fire in your home.

Fires can damage a lot of your property, but the longer you are able to contain the fire in certain areas in your home, the less damage it will cause. Although most well-built fire doors can cost a homeowner a pretty penny, they can help them save a fortune because they can be used to protect valuables inside the building. Fire doors can also help protect the structure of the building during a fire.

You Can Hire a Joiner or an Architect to Fit the Fire Door

It might be tempting to fit the fire door yourself, but if it is not fitted properly it won’t be able to perform during a fire. It is crucial that you hire an experienced architect or a reputable joiner to fit your fire door. It is important that the store is fitted with the proper hinges and handles. You should consider making contact with your local fire service for advice on what type of ironmongery and intumescent strips you should use on your door. Fitting these doors yourself can prove to be a complex task, which is why most homeowners employ a person who has the expertise to fit the door. They will understand the current fire door regulations in the local area.

If you do decide to install the door yourself, here are a few things you should ask yourself once the door has been fitted:

  • Does the door close properly against the frame of the door?
  • Is there any light coming through any part of the door? If you can spot some light coming through any of the gaps in the door, you might have a problem.
  • Does the door firmly close onto the latch?
  • Are there at least 3 hinges that are firmly fixed? Also, examine the hinges to see if there are any screws missing.  Use this  Elmhurts Conway SC   


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