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Steel is one of the main materials used in construction. It is a robust material that is used in tandem with cement to provide structural longevity. It emerged in the mid-1800s when Sir Bessemer of England invented the Bessemer method, strengthening steel and expanding its use for construction. They used cast iron to construct buildings, but the Bessemer method gave steel the tensile strength needed for construction.

In 1879, Sidney Thomas extracted phosphorus from steel which made it further potent for construction purposes. The product became more cost-effective and suitable. In 1890, the first skyscraper using a steel frame was constructed. Burnham Root designed it, and it cost a million dollars.

In earlier times, people used brick, stone, marble and limestone to build buildings. But the construction styles evolved. The paradigm has shifted so much that people can buy steel online India and all other nations.

India first witnessed the advent of steel through the Living Steele Restello, an apartment in Kolkata. It represented high standards and exceeding strength. The Volvo Eicher Building in Gurgaon has been a significant sight due to its energy-saving resources and other prominent properties.

It was also constructed with steel. Hence it is safe to say that steel has become ubiquitous for construction all around the world. In the earlier days, people would have to approach certain vendors or companies to acquire steel. However, times have changed, and now one can buy steel online in India.


Construction is booming around the globe, thereby generating more demand for steel. People are building skyscrapers, malls, schools etc. Reports suggest that the world’s population will rise by 2 billion people in the next 30 years. They will need new spaces to accommodate these people. This will also be in conjunction with urbanisation. To build more spaces, people need steel because t serves as a backbone. Its uses in the construction world are:

  1. Steel comprises a structural framework for the building to stand tall. 25% of a building’s composition is steel.
  2. Steel is then used in assimilation with concrete to add tensile strength. Concrete helps in building solid foundations and is another crucial construction facet. It easily binds with concrete and is also an economical method forward.
  3. They also use steel in sheet products like roofing, purlin, internal walls, ceilings, cladding and insulating panels for outside walls.
  4. It might come as a surprise, but steel can also be deployed as a non-structural material. Some houses use it as heating or cooling equipment and internal ducting.
  5. One can also use steel to construct internal fittings and structures around the house like rails, shelving, and even stairs.


People started believing in the supremacy of steel because it outran all other materials. It provided exceptional strength, durability, flexibility, and protection against corrosion. The material was designed to withstand rough climatic changes and natural disasters. Steel provides the inner strength required by buildings to sustain a lifetime.

A building is constructed with the aim of longevity and structural integrity. Let’s face it. This is a lifetime expense, and nobody wishes to bear it again. Hence, engineers and architects prefer TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated steel which is the best buy. If you are looking for consistency, this is your best bargain.


The uses of steel have expanded through the years and now one can even find that purchasing steel has become even easier by buying it online.



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