6 Questions that You Must Ask a Plumber Before Hiring

September 29, 2021

Plumbing is one of the most used commercial and residential services. The reason for that is supply pipes. Every construction has several kinds of pipelines and the most significant ones are the water supply line and the wastewater. If it stops working the whole system gets affected. An independent house has a relatively simple piping network, but a multistory building definitely has a higher level of complexity. Still, a skilled plumber can fix any kind of pipe, you just have to give him some time and working space. Hiring good plumbers is quite easy. Still, make sure you ask the following questions from the plumbers in Florence SC.

  1. Do you have a license?

If you have no idea how to find out whether a plumber is good for hiring or not, then it is better you verify the credentials first. Every professional service needs a license to operate and that’s what you should ask before hiring. It is not only an authorization from the state, but once licensed the plumbers are obliged to play by certain rules. The process of licensing might require specific professional training including workplace safety. So, when you hire a licensed company, you are at peace because the license itself is a big green signal for hiring.

2. How experienced are you?

When you hire professionals, unintentionally you are leaned towards experienced companies. The reason for that is the experience, which is one of the highly desired qualities. An experienced plumber knows his way around the commonly occurring problems and can fix things up quickly. You might be able to open and close a few bolts and seal the pipe with adhesive, but how long do you think it’ll last? Probably not very long, given the hotness of summer the everything that you might use to seal a leak will vanish sooner or later. On the other hand, an experienced plumber knows exactly how the pipe burst should be contained and sealed to avoid future leaking. That’s why asking about the relevant experience is a question that you must have on the list.

3. Is there an underground leak?

Before the problem can be solved it is important that you fully understand what actually has happened. A lot of people randomly hire plumbers to fix the fixtures and later they discover the problem is an underground leak. So, if you are hiring a plumber for wet patches on the wall or on the floor, this question is extremely important. Being fully aware of the situation helps you access the situation perfectly. Because underground leaks are not only difficult to tackle but it adds additional expense to your pocket as well.

4. Should the fixtures be replaced?

Fixtures are probably one of the most common plumbing issues and people overlook such issues until it becomes a serious problem. Sometimes, a lot of stuff is damaged and causes continuous water loss and water bills come as a surprise. Since dealing with fixtures isn’t something costly, it should be done the moment you notice it. If you wait till the problems go from bad to worse, then of course the expense can be huge. When you notice that the fixtures are not performing perfectly, it is better you hire a plumber for assessment. If he recommends replacing a few things, then don’t hesitate to do it because the water bills are heavier than the maintenance cost.

5. What’s jamming the drain?

When you hire a plumber to inspect the drain, it is important to ask why it happened in the first place. This would help you avoid this problem in the future. In the kitchen, the most common reasons for drain choking are the leftovers, oils, and other cooking stuff. When you wash dishes without removing the food, it goes down the drain and a fraction of it sticks with the pipes and starts accumulating anything that it finds. Usually, choking happens in winters, but do you know why is that? It’s because the oil and fats that go down freeze in winter and that’s exactly when you start feeling the problem.

6. Do you charge per hour?

Money is one of the main concerns whenever you hire a professional. First of all, you don’t know about the cost of work unless you have previous experience. Second, every company or professional charges differently. Some plumbers charge per job and some might charge per hour. In most cases, you have to pay per hour. Still, it is extremely important to clear the cost matters because if the work is extended to several hours, then the cost can go beyond expectation. Ask if the plumber charges per hour, then you might want to ask for the expected time to finish the job. Always keep margins because the expected time is just an estimate.

Hiring a professional plumber might be simply because, but finding the best might be a problem. That’s why I always use the best practices for hirings, such as references, BBB, or plumbers with higher ratings. Because these practices would increase your chances to run into good plumbers. Once shortlisted make sure you ask the questions given above to find the best suited professional.

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