8 Ways to Increase the Kerb Appeal of Your Home

September 11, 2021


The first encounter someone has with your home matters, especially if you’re looking to impress potential buyers or renters. Even if you’re planning on living in your home for years to come, it’s important to come home to a welcoming and inviting entryway.

Here are 8 ways to improve the kerb appeal of your home.

1. Use a pressure washer

Dirt and grime can build up on the outside of houses, so it’s a good idea to give them a proper wash every now and then. The easiest way to give your house a bath is with a pressure washer which you can hire for a fairly affordable price.

They work by blasting water at a high pressure to dislodge any dirt and dust that’s clinging to the outside of your home. You won’t need any other special equipment or nasty chemicals to achieve a visible result. Make sure you follow the guidelines when using a pressure washer to avoid damaging any paint or timber.

If you’re not keen on the pressure washer idea, you can achieve pretty good results with a long broom and a garden hose – as long as you’re not afraid of a bit of elbow grease. While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean the windows too.

2. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Peeling paint will age your home, but a new coat of paint can instantly make it look modern and refreshed. Whether all of your walls need paint or just your front fence, applying a fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference.

Go for modern colour schemes for the widest appeal. Current trends include, white, ivory, taupe and grey. Light blues and calming greens can also work a treat, but stay away from any bright colours if you are wanting to sell or rent your house.

3. Give your facade a makeover

Older homes might benefit from a complete facade makeover – it’s often not as difficult as you might think. New cladding is a great way to make your home look modern and express your personal style. Good quality cladding will also help protect your home weather, moisture and pests.

There are plenty of timber cladding options out there, from locally grown Australian hardwood timber to steel, stone and brick. For an impactful look, consider burnt timber cladding – a traditional Japanese style cladding in which the surface of the wood is charred.

4. Spend time on landscaping

A well maintained front garden is very appealing as is a soft, lush-looking lawn. It’s worth taking time over the appearance of your garden, whether you’ve got several garden beds or just a few pot plants by the front door.

If your grass is looking a little sad and thin, feed it with a nutritious organic fertiliser and sprinkle some soil improver over it to increase the amount of water uptake. Alternatively, lay down some new grass for a fresh start.

Remember that landscaping isn’t just about the plants – you can also introduce elements like footpaths, bird baths, benches and stone walls to add balance. If you don’t have the time to clean up the garden often, go for hardy evergreen plants and natives which require little maintenance.

5. Install decorative lighting

Make your home inviting at night time by installing decorative lighting. Not only will people be attracted by the warm glow, you’ll also make it safer and easier for guests to navigate the entrance of your house.

If you have a decent sized front yard, use accent lights throughout your front garden to maximise visual appeal. Place some underneath trees, alongside the garden path and underneath any steps.

Make sure the lights are rated for the outdoors and look for energy efficient options to minimise the cost of keeping them turned on.

6. Give your front door a facelift

Front doors take centre stage, so it’s important that they look up to scratch. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. Don’t be afraid to get creative with colour for your front door, if you think the entryway needs a pop of something.

If the door has seen better days, or looks like it’s stuck in the past, consider installing a new door with a modern style. There are many types to choose from, including doors with windows to let light in even when they’re closed. Don’t forget that the hardware you choose matters too.

7. Create an inviting pathway

Cracked and warped paving doesn’t leave a good impression and can even be dangerous if you’ve got elderly relatives or little ones running around. A well maintained, level pathway is ideal. Give it a pressure wash every so often to make sure it stays clean and inviting.

If you’re going to update your path, or install a new one, make sure you go with something that complements the rest of the landscaping. Stone pathways are great if you want to achieve a rustic look, while brick pathways are a good fit for traditional style landscaping.

8. Replace out of date hardware

Small details can actually make a big difference when it comes to kerb appeal. If your door knobs, lighting fixtures or house number are looking a bit worse for wear, consider updating them for a fresh new look. This is also a great move if the hardware is stuck in another era.

Hardware works best when it’s in harmony with the other hardware in your entryway, so try and update everything in one go, or at least aim to match. Bronze, matte black and brushed brass are trending right now, but make sure you consider how they’ll work with the existing elements before making a decision.

Carry out regular maintenance for long term kerb appeal

To make sure your efforts last a long time, you should think of your home’s kerb appeal as an ongoing process. Keep your pathways swept clean and weed free, clean your windows every few months and periodically apply a fresh coat of oil to any timber cladding to preserve its appearance. Whether you’re planning on selling, renting or living in it yourself for years to come, all homes benefit from regular care and attention.


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