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A complete guide to designing your bathroom

Whether building from scratch or remodelling, the best way to get a perfect bathroom is to create an ideal design. This well-drawn design requires a clear vision of the bathroom, its style, and the features that meet your expectations. This guide covers everything you need to know about designing your ideal bathroom.

Factors To Consider When Designing

As one of the essential rooms in your house, designing your bathroom requires a detailed description of its contents and an idea of how you can bring that to life. Consider the following factors when creating your bathroom design:

Available Space

Understanding how much space you have is essential to fit in the bathroom features. This would help you determine basic details like the bathroom layout and the best places to fit the fixtures.

Having info on standard bath sizes lets you figure out the types of basins or storage you need and have a perfect idea of how all these would come together in your bathroom space.

Bathroom Needs

While your bathroom design would often reflect your style, the best design guide is function. Therefore, it is necessary to consider who would use the bathroom and what they need.

The bathroom needs will give you a practical perspective on the design and its execution. For example, the design for a personal bathroom would be quite different from a family or community bathroom. You get to create a bathroom that would satisfy the user’s needs rather than one that only looks attractive.


The cost of executing your design is as important as the design itself. Consider the price of every item you want to include in your bathroom and create a budget for it.

Creating this budget can come before or after your design, but you must have your inventory before execution. We recommend that you get an estimate of these items before you start your plan so you can decide on necessary adjustments based on the cost.

Necessary Features Of Bathroom Design

Creating your ideal bathroom starts with a detailed description of everything that would meet your bathroom expectations. Here is an outline of what a bathroom design should describe:


Creating a layout is the first step in your perfect design. The structure would help you create an idea of what you need and how to make it work. For example, while you can remodel a bathroom from an existing layout, building a new bathroom requires a new floor plan and a detailed description of the intended features.

A detailed layout would include the scale and specifications of the bathroom fixtures. It should provide:

  • Good insight on bath sizes.
  • The width of your bathing area.
  • Distance from the toilet.
  • Consider storage size.

You should check out more ideas to decide the best layout for your bathroom.


Your floor plan can include the bathroom lights, but lighting is important enough to require special consideration. Beyond helping your visibility, proper lighting would add some beauty to your bathroom. When combined with a suitable colour scheme and mirrors, your well-positioned lights would create a welcoming ambience in your bathroom.

Colour Scheme

The ideal bathroom design requires a carefully selected colour scheme. The colour often determines the ambience and appearance of the room. While natural colours create calming atmospheres in the bathroom, you can try neutral colours like white or grey for balance. There is also no rule stopping you from exploring brighter hues to create warmth in the bathroom.

The Colour scheme does not require you to use matching colours or even similar shades in the bathroom. For example, your bathtub can remain porcelain white while your wallpapers or paints are darker or warmer shades. A little contrast is suitable for your bathroom ambience.

Fixtures and Other Accessories

Your bathroom design is not complete without details of the fixtures and your preferred accessories. You must include details like the type of bathtub or shower, faucets, basins, towel rails, radiator, and every other accessory that would make your bathroom feel adequate. Check out more bathroom design tips to guide your choice of bathroom fixtures.

Get to work

Now that you have a preview of your bathroom design, it is time to create that perfect bathroom. First, use our basic outline and adjust it to fit your expectations for your ideal bathroom.


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