Add a Garage Door Screen for Entertaining and Projects

September 22, 2021


Many people want to be able to use their garage space for more than just parking cars and storing items. The space can be a nice one when it's cleaned up and has a garage door screen on it. Having this type of screen allows homeowners to use the space for entertaining as well as keeping it comfortable for a wide range of projects done in the garage.

Why a Garage Door Screen?

In the warmer months, the heat can get stifling inside a garage. When you have a garage door screen, you can easily raise the garage door and put the screen down so that you get a comfortable airflow. These screens also allow you to entertain in the garage during these months, as the screen will keep bugs and animals out of the space.

How a Garage Door Screen Works

These screens fit into the opening of the door. They are made much like a screen door on a porch. The mesh is mounted on a metal frame, and this gets tucked into the opening of the door when it's not in use. It uses a track system to slide the door into the door opening and then to its storage position easily. Some screens fit solidly across the open space, while others have a zipper to open them or a door within the screen to allow for free movement in and out of the garage.

DIY or Professional Installation

To get an effective garage door screen, you can either make one yourself or get a professional to create a custom one for your garage. You can do the job yourself for about $20 to $200, depending on the materials you use. This is done by buying screen mesh and cutting it to fit into the door's opening. Then, the screen is added to the garage door with hooks or simply with Velcro. When you want to put it away, you can roll it up and keep it secure with Velcro. With this option, you can use it as needed, and you can still park your car in the garage.

If you want a professional to create and install your screen, you can get a highly customized screen that delivers just what you want from it. With a custom-made screen, you can choose how much privacy you want, whether it gives solar shading and whether it has a door in it. The price for the screen averages about $1,400. These screens retract when not in use, and they don't require any framing. You can still use the space to park a car.

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