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Amazing Wallpaper Murals That Will Make Your Room Look Bigger


Wallpaper or mural is an important element in your home interior designs. If your room space is limited and are looking for some wallpapers to make it look bigger, here we have useful tips for choosing the right ones!

In terms of wallpapers and wall murals, there are two factors that affect the size and brightness of the room – the first one is the colour of the wallpaper, and the second is the image/pattern.

  • Colour

The more simple the wallpaper colour, the more spacious it will appear. A wallpaper that contains too many fancy colours will will make people feel cluttered, narrow, and constraint, and eventually makes the limited space looks even smaller. In contrast, Light pastel and low saturated colours such as white, beige, light pink, light blue, pastel green and pastel yellow etc., will allow your space to be visually magnified. Some lively wallpaper colours will also enhance the brightness of the whole space. Here, we have some best selling pastel colour wallpapers examples from Ever Wallpaper that you will love.

  1. Pastel Mountain Landscape

Create a soothing theme at home with this hand-painted blue watercolor peaceful mountain wallpaper mural, a versatile design that will work with a range of rooms and styles. With a subtle paper texture and watercolor techniques, this unique design will add depth to your walls that will intrigue anyone who sees it.


2. Marble Texture

This faux marble wall covering designed with soft blue and gold tones will create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere for your space. Faux marble texture wallpaper is an ideal wallpaper category that will help open up your interior space.


3. Adorable Animals

If you are looking for wallpaper for your child, here’s a great example. This wall mural is a hand-painted design featuring some of the adorable animals found in forests in soft pastel tones, such as the grizzly bear, owl, deer and fox. Little ones will be amazed with this wildlife scene as a feature wall in their room.



If you want to enlarge the space, then you should avoid choosing a small image or pattern. A small pattern will only make the space look smaller. We suggest you choose wall murals that has more simple and larger images and patterns to let the space be enlarged, such as big flowers and leaves and vertical stripes that can visually play a role in pulling up the space. Appropriate white and full pavement can be adjusted according to the actual situation at home. The following wallpapers are some examples we highly recommend.

1. Large Flower

Create an elegant space for your home with our elegant wallpaper mural. This white and grey roses wallpaper mural creates a 3D vintage look which are toned and saturated in blue ink color for a sophisticated ombre feel. If you are flower lovers, don’t miss it!


2. Leaves Motif

The design of our Photographic Monstera Wallpaper Mural is simple yet will make a bold statement in your interior. The close-up, highly filtered photography of the faux green tropical leaves creates an minimalist style for this larger than life botanical wall mural.


3. Striped Pattern

The vertical stripes of the wallpaper can visually enlarge the interior space. This wallpaper designed in beautiful multi-colour stripes is a perfect and smart choice to extend your rooms, especially bedroom and living room.


4. Geometric pattern

The hexagon pattern is designed in a combination of wood and plain brick texture in a artful way. The classic brown and white tone give the wall mural a 3D cubic effect in all your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway.


For more stunning wallpaper and wall murals at affordable prices, you can visit Ever Wallpaper official website. All wallpaper materials are eco-friendly sourced to protect the planet and your health. They also offer wallpaper customization to fit your wall size and shape. Let’s get started and extend your room space!


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