Approved Interior Trends in 2022 To Look Out For

September 23, 2021


Are you perhaps feeling curious about what the interior design styles will look like in the upcoming year?

Interior design trends are usually shaped by the time we live in and in 2021 we’ll notice both a longing for comfort and past times, while many might long for new adventures since the past year has been a tough one.

Some of the trends have already found their way into our homes, but we predict that they will become more visible next year. Here are some interior design trends that we will see more of in 2022.


When looking up inspiring interior design trends 2022-wise, one will immediately notice that the color scale which will continue dominating in 2022 are warm, earthy tones that remind us of nature. The main thing we want is to feel some peace so it’s understandable that we can find this in the elements of nature which we want to surround ourselves with as much as possible.

Beige has been a strong color in 2021 and will continue trending in 2022. It’s a stylish color that gives a cozy feeling that can advantageously be lifted into different tones to create a deep and vibrant feeling.

So imagine a color palette containing beige, greige, taupe, brown, and all terracotta shades that you can imagine. White color shades with a little yellow or red tones also have something soothing about them. In 2022, we distance ourselves from all cold tones and move towards warmer ones.


The color scale is also reflected in the materials and we’ll see more materials such as light wood which will add a natural and organic touch to our living spaces.

We’ve been seeing materials such as rattan, jute, and bamboo which will continue to work together with glass, and stone. We’ll also see leather, wool, and many materials with a lot of textures such as bouclé, mohair, etc. The pattern image is inspired by folklore and traditional patterns such as squares in flannel material that feel warm and nourishing.

Style Inspiration


In 2022, we’ll lean more towards an atmosphere of recovery, comfort, and harmony, inspired by the emerging so-called Japandi interior design.

It’s a hybrid style and trend that has design elements from both Japanese and Scandinavian interiors. Simply put, it’s a perfect mashup of the modern flair of Scandinavian design and Japanese elegant aesthetic that work together. The look is minimalist, functional, cozy and soothing, with elements of wabi-sabi-inspired imperfection.

The most important material in japandi is wood. Mix light woods recognizable for the Scandinavian style, with dark woods, which is typical for the Japanese style. If you already have furniture that’s in light wood, a tip is to paint them if you want dark furniture instead.


Many people have become increasingly aware of the climate changes and are interested in a sustainable lifestyle. This has even spread to the interior design industry which will become evident in 2022.

When you decide to make a change, everything doesn’t have to happen at once. Instead, make sure to start small and the furniture you already have at home doesn’t need to be replaced immediately. Just make sure you always have a sustainability mindset and try not to fall for fast trends.

Instead invest in timeless natural materials such as leather, wood, wool and linen that don’t harm the environment. In 2022, reusable materials and those that have a low impact on the environment will find their place among designers as they last a long time both when it comes to quality.



One of the most popular trends to be expected is multifunctional interior design which influences everything from lighting fixtures to furniture. The goal is to create a modern yet functional room that uses innovative and interesting solutions that can be incorporated into small living spaces.

Make your interior more appealing with furniture that adapts to your way of living. Whether it’s a multifunctional table, a versatile storage solution, or an extra bed, you can improve your daily life with functional furniture that can be adapted to the situation.

A multifunctional interior allows you to socialize with your guests, let friends sleep over, turn the living room into a dining room or create a workplace in the room. It’s basically all about ensuring accessibility, comfort and purpose.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an interior design enthusiast, you probably want to stay informed about the latest trends. Although we have few months to go until 2022, we can already work out which colors, materials, styles will be a trend in 2022.

This way, not only can you keep yourself up to date, but you can also plan changes at home in time.



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