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Best Types of Flooring for Radiant Heating


                                                                                                                                                              Radiant heating is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners seeking to keep their homes uniformly warm without spending a fortune. This floor heating option is efficient and relatively affordable to operate. Besides providing warmth and comfort, radiant floor heating increases your home value and greatly reduces your heating bills, thanks to its superior energy efficiency. Many people have first come across radiant heating when visiting their friends’ dwellings or while temporarily residing at luxury hotels. When they start to explore, they cannot tell of the type of flooring that can be perfectly paired with a radiant heating system. Fortunately, there are several flooring options that can be used together with a radiant heating system. While specific flooring materials are better conductors than others, and therefore more efficient, a radiant heat system can be crafted to go underneath laminate, stone, tile, vinyl, carpet, floating wood, and more. Below are some of the best types of flooring for radiant heating.



Stone and tile are some of the best types of flooring that are effectively suitable for underfloor heating systems. As one of the best conductors of heat, stone and tile floors heat up quickly, spreading warmth to the rest of the house while holding onto it. Stone, marble, and tile can be applied in the various parts of the home, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, corridors, foyers, etc. These floors are an appealing, relatively low maintenance, ideal remedy for sunrooms and improperly insulated parts when heated. It’s worth noting that thicker tiles take longer to heat up and vice versa. Thin tiles heat up quickly but don’t retain heat for long compared to thicker tiles.

These flooring options are stocked at the Colchester flooring shop, and our team is more eager to help you pick the right flooring for your heating needs. Our tile contractors provide flooring installation services at reasonable rates and don’t leave until everything is in order.


Wood and Laminate

When added under a wood floor, a radiant heat flooring system will undoubtedly provide absolute comfort in every part of the house; when shopping around for flooring that can work efficiently with a radiant system, settle for relatively denser and thin materials, as these surfaces take the shortest time to heat up. The most promising thing about wood and laminate floors is that they can allow absorption of heat up to 85 degrees; however, you should check with the flooring manufacturer to establish whether a particular style or material is suitable for underfloor heating.



As well all know, carpets add a sense of comfort and warmth to the rooms they are installed in. The addition of a radiant heating surface underneath the carpet adds another layer of comfort, making your living space more lively.

Although underfloor heating systems can be paired with carpet, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the carpet in regards to thickness and the thermal resistance of the underlay. If you are unable to determine the thickness or resistance of the underlay, contact your carpet manufacturer for these specific details.

If you’re based in Colchester and the neighboring areas and are looking for the best types of flooring for radiant heating, visit us at our Colchester Carpets and Flooring shop, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect radiant flooring for your needs.



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