Birthstone Claddagh Ring: Product Review

September 28, 2021

Introduction: Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Sometimes you want a ring for yourself or a loved one. You want it to not just be any ring, you want it to be meaningful in some way. I recently looked up different rings I could buy a friend and saw that I could get them a ring based on which month they were born. I could get them a ring that has the gemstone of the birth month. Read more about the birthstone Claddagh ring I ended up finding below.

Birthstone Claddagh Ring


  • Sizes: 5-10
  • Heart Size: 6mm
  • Material: Ladies Sterling Silver

My Review

The Irish Jewelry Company makes a great Claddagh ring and birthstone Claddagh ring. Furthermore, they are world renowned and are worn by both men and women. This is true whether they are single or married. Additionally, these cool rings were apparently first made in the 17th Century so there is some history to them.

I ended up getting the February Claddagh ring. Also, it came in a nice cool little box with some information about the ring. Once I opened it my heart stopped because of how beautiful it is. The purple gemstone was shining in the sun and I almost cried. I love it and decided to give it to a friend who can really use it.

Also, I recommend this ring for anyone who wants to get someone a birthday gift or just tell someone that you love them. Moreover, make sure to know the size of the finger of the person you will be getting the ring for. The sizes range from 5-10. They really do work for both a man or a woman.

Conclusion: Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Picking out the right ring for a significant other or friend can be difficult at times. Getting a Claddagh ring makes it easy. I hope you enjoyed reading about the birthstone Claddagh ring I ended up finding. Also, please read more articles like this one on the front page. Lastly, you can also follow us on Instagram.


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