Chainsaw Massacre House: The Texas Home

September 7, 2021


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movies are a staple in American culture. The amazingness and scariness of the character Leatherface is great. Many kids from the 1970's had nightmares while growing up watching these movies. The movies are not truly based on a true story but are partially based on the murderer Ed Gein, who murdered people in Wisconsin. We have some information on the creepy home used for the movie. Check out the Chainsaw Massacre house below.

This house is super creepy and has two stories. A family actually lives at this space currently as there are private property signs around the area. The house is about an hour north and east of downtown Austin, Texas. I can't imagine being the family that lives in a home where so many messed up things went down in a fictional way. It must be very cool to live here.

The house has at least 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms over 6,000 square feet of space. I love how spacious this house seems to be. In the movie it seemed like the house went on forever and ever with all the different rooms characters were in. The house is at an estimated 1.7 million dollars, but is not actually up for sale.

Specifications: Chainsaw Massacre House

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 5

Square Feet: 6,000 sqft

Price: $1.7 Million

Chainsaw Massacre House Address: 901 County Road 336, Granger, TX 76530, United States

Photos: Chainsaw Massacre House

Chainsaw Massacre House


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