Construction of Casement Park GAA stadium, the center of Gaelic football and hurling now on course

September 15, 2021

Description: Redevelopment of Casement Park GAA stadium, the main Gaelic football stadium in Belfast, is now on course following the approval of the plans. However, there are still more hurdles before Gaelic games fans can watch their favorite teams and players in the newly improved stadium, read through and discover.

When you talk of Gaelic Athletic Association what come into the minds of many sports enthusiasts are the Irish nation, their consciousness, and a sports activity that plays an important part of this community. It is like football in some of the European countries, where it has been a part of nations’ culture. For the Irish, you will find stadiums full when the home teams are playing. Betting enthusiasts will be looking for the best bookmakers so that they can bet for their favorite teams and players.

Talking of wagering for their team, it is important to know that betting offers Ireland will be found at the best football bookmakers. So when bettors are looking to wager for the best Gaelic football, they can get tips and predictions at MightyTips, a site that has grown to be trusted by betting enthusiasts both new and old. Back to Gaelic football, it may be news to many that Casement Park GAA stadium redevelopment has been pending for many years.

The good news to the fans is that now the redevelopment plans have been approved and the construction of a stadium that is synonymous the Gaelic football can now commence. Once completed, it will have a capacity of more than 34,500 people. In this article, Kate Richardson (you can view her profile here), a sports enthusiast, and an online betting expert will explore the redevelopment of the Casement Park GAA stadium, looking at the process of approval and the future plans.

Gaelic football may not be famous in many parts of Europe as it is in Northern Ireland but this does not prevent the bettors from following these sporting activities to wager for their favorite teams and players. For those who may have been following the Casement Park GAA stadium planning process, you may have noticed that there has been no activity in the stadium for the last seven years.

For a stadium that is supposed to host important matches, it is a big loss for the teams and also the owners of the stadium as this means lost revenue. For the Gaelic and Rugby fans, it is a big loss as for the period that the stadium has been closed; they have not been able to watch their favorite games in the famous venue. The announcement by Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon that the planning process has been completed comes as good news for the fans and team players alike. Although it will take some time before the construction is completed, the announcement comes as a relief; the seven years wait for the plans to be approved is now over.

To have a clear understanding of the waiting period, and appreciate the announcement by the infrastructure ministers let’s look at what was happening each year since 2013.

  • In 2013 initial permission to construct a 38,000 capacity stadium was granted
  • One year later the plan approval was quashed
  • 2015 saw the review of the project as initially planned
  • 2017 saw the initial planned revised and an application of 34,500 made
  • 2020 Planning approval recommended by the minister of Infrastructure
  • 2021 saw the planning for the construction of 34,500 capacity stadium confirmed.


It is one thing to approve and another to actualize the project. This is the dilemma in the construction of the new stadium. The wait may be over but another hurdle needs to be crossed before the fan and the whole of GAA can celebrate. It is not clear how the stadium which is expected to cost at least £110m will be funded. This cost is now £30m more than was originally planned. In construction project management, one thing that should be avoided is a delay of a project.

This has a serious repercussion. The cost will escalate especially when this delay is long as is the case with the GA stadium. Seven years is a long wait, so many things may have happened, the prices of various components will have changed, even to a level where they may be three times the original cost. The owners of the stadium and the financiers now have to dig deeper and meet the gap of £30m created by the delay.

What has caused the delay?

Among other factors, the opposition to the construction of the stadium was mainly coming from the residents of West Belfast. They argued that the stadium was too large to be constructed in such a heavily populated area. The concerns of these residents were genuine but there was a need for engagement so that a decision can be made without delays.

The fact that it has now been approved means that the concerns of the residents have been taken into consideration. If this was done early enough, the additional cost would have been avoided. It would have cost GAA £77m to finish the redevelopment plans. It seems the planners gambled with their time and money and they made the wrong decision. In betting, a seasoned bettor would use all the information at hand to make a sound decision. They also know that waiting for long before making a decision may cost an obvious bet.

While we are not accusing the GAA officials and all those concerned for the losses, some lessons can be learned out of this. Sporting Association officials can avoid incurring huge losses as one witnessed here if they involve all the stakeholders. Construction of a stadium is not a small investment; millions of dollars are involved not forgetting the losses as a result of missed opportunities.

Construction of the Casement Park GAA stadium will be beneficial to the Gaelic football fraternity. The government also sees it as a priority as it will stimulate the local economy through the creation of employment. For the fans, once the project is completed, they will be watching their favorite teams and players in a new stadium.GAA will be earning more revenue than they were before redevelopment, more so due to increased capacity.


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