Different Kinds of Silk and How They Differ in Terms of Quality

September 24, 2021

When selecting the ideal material for your apparel, bedding, or home decor, it may become apparent that fabrics such as Silk will cost slightly more. Silk bedding looks very nice and feels very nice, like this grey silk pillowcase, but it is expensive as compared to other fabrics. Although Silk is more expensive than most fabrics, there are numerous advantages to paying more for Silk than popular fabrics like cotton or polyester. We will discuss why some types of Silk are slightly more expensive from each other. When shopping for Silk, it is pretty useful to educate yourself on the various varieties of Silk available and which type may be the best fit for you. In this article below, we will guide our users on different kinds of silk and how they differ with each other in terms of quality. so, let us start.

  • Charmeuse Silk

This is the most often used form of Silk in bedding and garments. It is a low-density material with natural elastic properties. This makes silk pillowcases and duvet covers are excellent for keeping you warm and protected in the winter but cool and breezy in the summer. The distinction between Charmeuse silk and other silks is that the front has a silky satin shine, whereas the back has a drab finish.

  • Mulberry Silk

This is the Silk that Jasmine Silk uses to manufacture its luxurious silk clothes and bedding. Indeed, it is the most desirable Silk for beds. Mulberry silk is produced by a silkworm that is fed a highly restricted diet of mulberry tree leaves and is bred in captivity solely for this purpose. Mulberry silk is the finest Silk available today due to rigorous breeding and quality control, which is why the cost is slightly more than other silks.

  • Tussah Silk

Tussah Silk is derived from a wild silkworm that has not been bred expressly to produce Silk. Since the silkworm is wild and not fed a specialized or strict diet, this Silk is less soft and durable than other silks and is made primarily in India rather than China.

  • Habotai Silk

Another popular choice for silk bedding. It is relatively less expensive than other types of Silk, such as Charmeuse silk, but it is less durable. This Silk is frequently manufactured by washing it in the sand. This feels as smooth as Mulberry, but it also damages a large portion of the silk threads, resulting in a product that lasts just half as long.


We hope you found our post on Silk to be exciting and beneficial. These points above have demonstrated that Mulberry silk is the finest available. Visit our website for additional information and explore our extensive selection of silk products, or visit our blog for further related articles, buying advice, and more.

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