Getting A Home Extension: What are the things that I need to consider?

September 11, 2021

It is critical to plan for future expansion. Homeowners would like to expand our home for a variety of reasons. Many people are apprehensive about the prospect of expanding their homes. Budgeting, deciding on the final project, selecting the correct contractor, and obtaining the necessary building permits may appear to be too much hassle. On the other side, house extensions in Billericay or of wherever your property is will help you realize your home's full potential, gain extra room without having to move, and improve the property's value which is all worth it.

Things to Consider Before Building a Home Extension

1. Budget

The first one is very obvious and important. Every part of your extension will be determined by your budget. It's critical that you sit down and figure out exactly how much you have to spend and how much you're willing to spend before you begin. If you're not sure whether you can manage to expand your home, figure out how much you can spend first and then talk to a contractor. They'll be able to tell you what you can get for your money.

2. Pin-point what you want

You must have a strong vision of what you want to achieve with your extension. It's all well and good to add a room on the rear if you want to increase the value of a property, but it's useless if you can't make the most of the space. Begin by thinking about your vision for your home with more room and brainstorming various rear expansion ideas.

3. Time

This can cause delays if there are additional requirements for obtaining planning clearance and building control approval. A smart architect, on the other hand, will usually anticipate planning and building control concerns and be ready to address them when they arise. Make a schedule for when you want the work to start on the job site. Allot a good amount of time when designing, obtaining approvals, and scheduling the builder.

4. Finding a reliable builder and architect

One of the most crucial tasks in the home expansion process that can save you a great deal of time, cost, and stress. Consult your friends to see whether they've completed a similar project. Check with your neighbors to see if they've had their homes altered. Using a suggested contractor/architect is a crucial step in ensuring that you get exactly what you want from such a project. Make use of the internet as well. Search for any contractors that are available and near you. For example, you live in Essex, then look for quality contractors for house extensions in Essex, scan their portfolio, and ask for a list of prior clients' contact information so you can see their completed projects for yourself.

5. Value

Your home is a significant asset, and you want it to grow in value. When considering a home expansion, it's helpful to know that it can provide a decent return on investment while also increasing the value of the property. If done correctly, a well-planned house extension can compensate for itself. A well-designed house extension is a worthwhile choice.


Giving it some thought and planning out everything carefully will get you through the process of extending your home smoothly and will lead you to your desired outcome. From start to finish, your home extension should be something you enjoy. You can achieve just that if you keep these simple factors in mind. A home expansion can be the right choice for your property.

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