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Here Are 5 Ways To Recreate Your Office Desk At Home

If your company is still issuing the work from home policy, congratulations—they care about your safety, wellbeing, and comfort. But working from home can come with its own set of cons. But the biggest problem of it, for many, is missing the workstation setup they had in their office.

A work desk is usually a reflection of the employee’s personality while still holding all the necessary equipment, which ensures productivity at all times. So, if the work at home can be the same, why can’t the work desk? Here are five ways you can recreate your office space at home.

1. Have A Specific Working Room/Area

Much like an office, you must have a designated working area. Not only does it allow for a clear space for your working desk, storage space, and supplies, it is a great way to put yourself in the mental space you need while working.

However, not many have the liberty of a private room or area for working. In such cases, it is ideal for making open, clear spaces into your workstation. An open kitchen, dining room, small balcony, any nook can be converted into your office with a bit of effort and diligence. Ensure you get natural light, good WiFi, and enough electric ports.

2. Monitor Stand & Good Chair

Text neck isn’t just a problem you get by being on your phone constantly. Staying hunched over a laptop screen can cause the same issues, if not more. It can affect your back, shoulders, neck, and eyesight. Ensure you have a monitor and a monitor stand to view everything efficiently and easily. The monitor stand can also provide some amount of storage for important paperwork and stationery. If you can’t afford one, you could prop your laptop or monitor on a few books put together as a makeshift stand!

You should also invest in a good orthopedic chair that can help keep your posture in check at all times while supporting your neck and shoulders.

3. Trinkets For Your Desk

Most office workers have, what many call ‘boops and bops’, on their office desks. They are tiny, fun, or cutesy trinkets that people keep in their work areas. They might be a memorable gift or perhaps just a feel-good token.

You can bring home the same trinkets or find some cool desk toys online to have on your working station to remind you of your office. For example, you could get personalized bobbleheads from Lucky Bobbleheads, trendy magnets, file clips, etc., all of which can help you not miss your office & work buddies while working from home.

4. Organize Your Tech

Even if you have the simplest of working set-ups, consisting of only a monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, and a printer, connect and organize it well for maximum productivity.

Set up your desk close to a working socket to eliminate the need for extension cords. Hide your cords connecting all your devices using cord covers or tape them under the table. This can help you clean the clutter on the table, giving you space to work.

5. Store Better & Smarter

Offices have pre-made cabins with a desk, cabinets, and shelves. So, seldom do people pause to think about it. But when recreating your office at home, you need to put together your storage space from scratch. But you can be smart about it too.

Instead of buying a haul of organizers for files and paper and containers for your stationery, you could look for sustainable alternate solutions at home. For example, use hanging baskets around your workstation to store and keep pens and small items handy at all times. Use baskets and bags at home to store work diaries, files, printer paper, etc.

We understand that your home office might always lack something or the other. But there indeed are pros to it too! Privacy, space to relax freely, and an endless supply of snacks do account for a few. So, be smarter when putting together your working station, and you can enjoy your experience of working from home too.


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