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How can I utilize a Bay Window space in Singapore Homes?


Are you looking for the most excellent ways to utilize the space around the bay window in Singapore homes? Then you will have the answer right away in this article, as it will teach you how to incorporate the bay window design for a better outlook.

Of course, it can be challenging to get the most convenient ways to practice using small areas such as bay windows. Most homes in Singapore are designed with beautiful bay windows that as well can be utilized for other uses. Here is how you can turn the bay window spaces into.

a) Design it on TV Console mode

Do you want a bay window design that will hit the peaks of entertainment? Then don’t miss out on this idea of installing a TV console as you ever enjoy watching movies, videos, and news in a cool room. To improve this design, add blinds or curtains that will do light filtering from the sun or outside neighborhood lights to provide you with better visibility.

b) Turn the longer ledge of a bay window into the platform bed

Does your room have a longer bay window? There are great ways that you can make use of available longer ledges. Simply install a platform bed, larger closet, bookcase, or study desk. If any space is left at the head or foot of the bed, choose to add shelves.

c) Design it in a computer study area

This is an incredible idea that you can incorporate to make the use of a bay window. The ledges available can sustain you for your studies. If you do online work and likely use computers to attend to them, turning the bay window into a working area will be a good option. Again, installing a computer for studies is cost-effective as you will be free to buy a separate study desk.

d) Turn the bay window as plant paradise

You can imagine having a flower or small plant garden next to your bedroom or in the study area. Of course, it is a situation where you will feel the test of a conducive environment ready to give you fresh air. Indeed, it is a bay window design full of inspiration making your home look beautiful with a garden plant alongside you. If you have potted plants, transfer them near the bay window, where they will get filtered sunny spots.

e) Design them for extra storage points

Do you want more storage points? No incredible bay window design is best as making them be extra storage areas. You can choose to hollow the ledge and design them in storage boxes stylishly. You can furnish them with cushions of color you like that can add more inspiration for every guest.

f) Choose a vanity design

It is always an excellent idea to incorporate your bay window with a morning dress-up and wind it down in the evening. Simply choose to add a dressing table, not a big one but just a small one. This indeed will add a vanity touch that will make the morning dress-up easier.


Choosing to utilize the bay window space is always a good step as you can add extra storage. Also, you can turn the space into a study point, plant paradise, dress-up area, and bedroom. All these can be the best bay window design that can add value to your home’s internal environment.


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