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How much do aluminium shutters cost?

Aluminium shutters, also known as shutter blinds, are plantation shutters with aluminium blades placed horizontally. They work by simply rotating blades fit perfectly in the shutter angles, thus assisting you to control the penetration of light in your house and the direction the light goes.


It is essential to install aluminium shutters because

  1. They boost the resale value of homes
  2. They are the easiest to clean

  3. It is easier to control temperature and light in your home

  4. Safe for children

  5. They last longer because of how durable they are

  6. They are energy efficient


How much do window shutters cost?

Once you decide to get a window shutter installed, there are a few factors you have to know that will determine the prices. Some factors include functionality, style, and durability. Aluminium shutters come in different colours and help bring about privacy in your home and control airflow.


Factors affecting the cost of window shutters

  • Size of the window

You should know that the size of your window will determine the cost of installation and the price of window shutters. Normally, you expect to spend less on windows that are of standard size. More oversized windows, on the other hand, are likely to cost more.


  • Type of material used.

Window shutters are available for customers in different materials, for example, aluminium shutters, PVC, and natural timber. If you are looking for the most economical option, go for either aluminium or PVC. Aluminium provides a sleek finish, while PVC, on the other hand, is stylish and durable and is found in all colours.


An advantage of using aluminium is that it is economical enough to use it for all the rooms in the house without having to worry about humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. The natural timber shutters require high amounts of money but would be perfect for adding a natural feel to your house. With aluminium, choosing any colour you want helps you match the Windows colour with the interior of your home.

  • Designs

The different designs on window shatters will determine the cost you will spend. Depending on how complicated and modern the style is, you pay more. For example, sliding aluminium shutters used for doors or large windows are costly because they make spaces look beautiful, allow sufficient light, and give your home a luxurious feeling.

For fixed shutters, they are the simplest to install, and they are known to give the best security, protecting your home from Intruders. Think about the functions you want your windows to perform to pick the best design for your windows.


  • Cost of installation

The cost will differ if you look for a company of experts to install the windows, like curtain makers in London or if you decide to do it yourself. Following DIY on installing aluminium shutters will help you save on costs, although you will have to invest in tools and materials. Picking professionals to install them for you will help save your time, cost of investing in tools, and you will have a warranty that gives you security.




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