How to Save on Your Energy Bill: Top Tips by a Licensed Electrician

September 17, 2021

When you’re on a budget or trying to save money, your energy bill can be a great place to save money. This is one bill that you have almost complete control over.

Simple changes to your daily habits can go far when the bills are due.

Keep reading for a guide written by a licensed electrician on how to save on your energy bill.

Start Using Your Dishwasher More

This tip might surprise a lot of people. A dishwasher uses electricity, but not nearly as much as hand washing your dishes.

Running your dishwasher doesn’t just end up saving you money at the end of the month. You’ll also save a lot of time spent doing manual labour.

Use a Dimmer

Consider this an insider tip from an electrician. Replace the standard light with the dimmer light with the help of a professional electrician from Naracoorte for fast and reliable service.

Dimming your lights can substantially cut costs on your energy bill. The reduced wattage and energy output can lead to extra money at the end of the year.

Turn Your Burners Off Early

You don’t have to keep your stove’s burners on until the meal is fully complete. When you have a few minutes of cook time left, shut the burners off.

The energy and heat already built up on your range will finish the cooking job. Ovens use a considerable amount of electricity. Minimising this usage can be very cost efficient.

Use Smaller Appliances

This one comes straight from the house of a licensed electrician. If you can stand it, don’t use your oven range at all. Go with smaller appliances like toaster ovens if you can still manage to meet your cooking needs.

Toaster ovens use about half the electricity of a full-sized oven. Small appliances can equal big savings when the energy bill is due.

Use Cold Water

This goes along with the first tip. You don’t have to run scolding hot water when you use your dishwasher. Deciding to use cold water can net you big-time savings each month.

If you have any questions or concerns about other ways to save on your energy bill, don’t be afraid to consult a local electrician. A professional company with friendly staff should have no problem answering a few questions over a short phone call.


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