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How to Transform the Kitchen?

Tired of old curtains? Does the dining table seem terribly boring? Are your kitchen towels just annoying? It seems that there is an urgent need to transform the kitchen. To make your life easier, we have collected the most effective tips to help you revive your old interior without wasting crazy high amounts.

1 – Buy a New Table

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen; at least, we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. And all this happens at the dining table, which we see so often that its appearance becomes a boring thing. Are you up for any changes? It is the right time to buy a new table – of a different color, shape, size, height. And it will be just great if you rearrange it in a different place. Have problems with imagination and have no clue how to arrange kitchen furniture in the best way, then the solution from the spotless agency will come in handy. Virtual staging software will help you find the best place not only for the table but also for the entire set of furniture.

2 – Change Chairs

If you are okay with the dining table, then look at its surroundings. Replace old chairs with new ones, experiment with different shapes and styles, find interesting pillows or covers for them. Please note that buying new chairs is not a must; you can also repaint the old chairs that look boring or worn down with use.

3 – Lay a Rug

Feeling that there are not enough bright colors or comfort in the kitchen? Just lay a rug – it will make up for the lack of both. If your kitchen is made in pastel shades, add a couple of bright elements. In case the interior is already bright, the carpet will perfectly complement it.

4 – Use Small Decor Pieces

Take out your favorite China plates and hang them on the wall. Buy plants for your kitchen and find beautiful pots for them. Take vases out of the cabinet and arrange them on shelves in the kitchen. Find a place for unusual candles or statuettes. All these little things amazingly transform any interior.

5 – Hang Pictures

Buy or print your favorite artworks, inspirational or vintage posters and hang them on the wall. Alternatively, small framed mirrors can be used as well. You can even turn a free space between the work surface and the wall cabinets into a board for your vacation photos. Thus, while cooking or washing dishes, you will look at them and remember pleasant events from your life.

6 – Replace Old Light Fixtures

For some reason, we do not pay much attention to chandeliers and lamps, which is a big mistake since comfort and the general atmosphere of the kitchen directly depend on light. With different illumination effects, you can significantly change the perception of the interior and create a special setting. To transform the kitchen quickly, you don’t need to completely change the lighting scheme – to get started, it is enough to buy new beautiful lamps or increase their number if the kitchen seems too cold and gloomy.

7 – Be Creative

It is the right time to get out of your comfort zone: experiment and add some creativity to your kitchen. How to do it? Hang something unusual on the wall – be it a mirror, futuristic antlers, or a hat. You can also place a bold art object in the center of the table if you like it so much or diversify the interior with bright decorative elements. Organize a blackboard in the kitchen to write down your tasks for the day, cool recipes, or your favorite lines from songs. All these pieces will make your kitchen authentic and personalized.

How a Good Kitchen Should Look Like?

The kitchen is one of the most “active” rooms in an apartment: a lot of processes take place there – from cooking to friendly gatherings. Therefore, so that its space does not look chaotic, it is important to organize it correctly. The perfect kitchen is the kitchen that is right for you. It should be comfortable, functional, beautiful, modern, and safe. We do hope that the above tips have inspired you to create such an environment where you can stay comfortable at 100%.


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