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Hush, Hush: Soundproofing Your Garage

In its time-honoured use, a garage is a place where one may store their vehicles to protect them from any damages that the atmosphere may cause. For example, hail is undesirable, especially considering these solid balls of ice may shatter windshields and dent the bodies of whatever vehicle. However, the garage has become much more than the simple “car hotel” in recent years.

Garages are also spaces for many activities involving hobbies such as woodworking and electrical work. Others may use the area for their bands, much like the “garage bands” you see in cinema or real life. You may even want to convert it into a mini-theatre at home, which is fantastic for friends and family or a playground for kids to enjoy. Nevertheless, these may generate an enormous amount of noise for the neighbours. Other hobbies such as painting and gardening may also be based in garages, but there are times wherein the focus is hard to find due to the overwhelming amount of noise outside.

In these cases, keeping the noise down is essential for any recreational activity that you may want to do in the garage. Nonetheless, there are a few things to know about noise and soundproofing processes before modifying the entire garage.

The Two Types of Noise

To know how to soundproof any garage completely, you need to know what kind of noise will affect activities based on the location of your house. So naturally, a prospective soundproof noise must consider two types of noise: airborne noise and structure-borne noise.

The airborne noise is one of the most accessible types of racket that can make any activity in your base unbearable. Different factors contribute to the entirety of this noise. This includes the volume of cars passing by or the voices from the inside. External agents may also have the rain and sleet colliding with the roofing. A simple, inexpensive solution for surrounding individuals would be to talk silently in outside conversations, but how is that any fun? Considering the possibility of rain, this can be highly annoying.

Structure-borne noise is the second kind of noise. This involves the clamour within the garage, which can be heard from the outside. Whether it would include footsteps or constant conversations and reactions from an action-packed movie, these are harmful to outside ears that probably aren’t interested.

How Do You Soundproof The Garage?

The absolute goal to soundproofing the garage is two-dimensional: prevent airborne noise from entering the garage and structure-borne noise from escaping the space.

A popular way to soundproof the room is insulation, precisely insulating the garage door. By purchasing insulation, the sound will be held back from echoing against the metallic garage door. Some may consider this a hassle considering the garage door would need to be rolled up eventually, but it won’t affect any intended functions. However, you mustn’t install the insulation onto any moving parts or joints as it would damage the garage area.

Acoustic Wall Tiles For One

A common sight amongst the videos of the most prominent content creators in YouTube is their walls being covered in tiles of different patterns. Of course, most people think that this is just an addition to make their setups look cool and awesome, but they do serve a purpose.

If you didn’t know, YouTubers make a lot of noise recording their videos, and an enormous amount of soundproofing is required. That is why they take time to install acoustic foam panels which will help in keeping the sound within the room. Of course, this is not as effective as insulating garage doors, but it is beneficial considering garage walls can cause echoes.

Others may make use of deadening blankets that essentially serve the same purpose as the acoustic foam tile. This may not look as good as the foam panel, but this blanket is designed specifically for those who don’t like permanent setups. On the other hand, if an ever-changing arrangement is what you’re after, a deadening blanket is definitely what you need.

Mind The Gaps

You could have soundproofing material already installed, but there are some times where noise still escapes and enters the garage. In this case, it could be that there are some open gaps, cracks, and spaces that cause this occurrence. To avoid any garage repairs and remodels, some sealants and tapes exist as a “go-to” alternative to mind the gaps in the base.

Garages prove to be perfect spaces for any possible recreational activity, and these are spaces where you may work, watch, or play with the same amount of peace and privacy you would in your studies or bedrooms. However, for those intending to use this space for recreation for more extended periods, it would be best to start planning out how you will soundproof the entire room.


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