Improving Your Home's Exterior

September 1, 2021

Every so often, we begin to focus on home design. Over the course of the past year and a half or so, the majority of us have spent even more time in our homes than usual as a result of the corona virus and Covid-19 pandemic. As governments have implemented periods where we could only leave our home for essentials and as we’ve spent much time as possible within our own four walls to slow and minimize the spread of the virus, it’s not all too surprising that many of us have started to notice a few things we want to change and work on. Of course, with home improvements, the majority of us will focus on our interiors. This is understandable. This is the space where we actually spend the most time. It’s where we relax, entertain our nearest and dearest, and (now that remote working is on the rise) where we work. However, it’s important that we don’t neglect our home’s exteriors. At the end of the day, the exteriors of our home are others’ first impressions. It’s what people see first and it’s also what your neighbors see of your home too. So, where should you start? Here are a few suggestions to get your exterior improvement journey started off in the right direction!


If you’re looking to make major changes to the exteriors of your home, you may want to look into the stonework. There are all sorts of decorative additions you can make to your property’s walls with some clever stonemasonry. Take a look at home design magazines, Pinterest boards, and even significant historical sites for inspiration. Then, you will need to get in touch with a Custom Natural Stone Fabricator like Deleese Stone Inc. who will be able to listen to your suggestions and use their expertise and experience to let you know what will and won’t work for your property. They will then be able to bring your dreams to life, crafting quality stone fabrications that will stand the test of time, as well as the elements.

Exterior Painting

We often paint the interiors of our homes, but when’s the last time you painted your home’s exterior? The walls of our properties are exposed to the elements and the sun’s rays constantly, resulting in a lot of wear and tear, fading, and sun bleaching. To keep your home looking fresh and new, you’re going to have to paint the outside of it every so often. Of course, this isn’t really a task that the majority of us can undertake ourselves. We would struggle to reach much higher than we can from the ground. So, make sure to bring in professionals to get the job done. They’ll have the right tools, equipment, safety training, and expertise to complete the job safely and to a good standard. As always, when using trades people, it’s a good idea to get recommendations and to read up reviews from previous clients. This can give you a good idea as to whether you’re choosing a company or individual who will be worth your time and money. Bear in mind that you may need planning permission to paint your home a bright, bold, or unusual shade. It’s always worth checking than failing to check, being reported, having permission denied, and then having to pay to have your property reverted to its original colors.

Match Your Front Door and Window Frames

As with the walls of your property, the doors and window frames can experience wear and tear too. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, and the hot sun can all cause these surfaces to peel, crack, and more. So, you may want to consider giving these features of your home a fresh lick of paint too. This can help to personalize your property a little and unless you live in an area where the houses are really uniform or in a graded property, you can probably choose whatever color you please, allowing you to personalize your home a little too. Popular choices include traditional colors, such as black, red, or navy. Other tones growing in popularity tend to include pastel shades or bright and bold tones. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that you’re using the right paints. You may need to sand the surfaces down, use a primer, and then specialist wood paint that is designed for outdoor use. It is definitely worth investing in the right, high-quality wood paint for the job.

Maintain Your Walkways

If you have some sort of path or walkway to your front door, you will need to work hard to maintain these. Weeds are notorious for quickly establishing themselves in the cracks between the paving slabs and surrounding the edges of paths. It’s more than worth hiring a gardener or taking the time yourself to pull these weeds up and to use specialist sprays that will ensure that they don’t return. Just be careful using weed killer if you have pets or children who may play in this area. Sometimes, paving slabs can lift or crack too, due to changes in the ground beneath them. If this happens, you need to replace or relay them straight away. This can prevent trips, falls, and other accidents.

Add Colour With Flowers

Flowers can really spruce up any property and make the perfect addition to any front garden. So, why not try a few out? You can dig up some flower beds, try some hanging baskets or even attempt to establish some climbing plants up the exterior of your home. Again, this will require some work and maintenance, but all in all, it will prove more than worth your efforts!

Hopefully, some of this information will really help you to make your home’s exteriors the best they can be. Give a few steps a try and see how you get along! It will prove more than worth the time, effort and money invested!


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