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Items At Home That You Should Not Flush Down Your Toilet

There are things you must avoid flushing. The toilet is always used.

Flushing some things can result in severe problems and a costly repair. So, it is essential to know what you should not flush.

Paper Towels and Wipes

Don’t get deceived by the marks seen on the paper towels and wipes. For example, it is labeled as flushable and will not dissolve fast in the water. Flushing wipes may clog the toilet. Flush the items that are easily dissolved in water. These items are created to absorb liquid rather than dissolving them. So, avoid flushing them to prevent serious issues in your sewer line.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Aside from the fact that it is too much waste to use a lot of tissue paper, using it can cause a big plumbing problem. Large piles of toilet paper are tough to flush and can clog in smaller pipes. To avoid this plumbing problem, use the exact amount of toilet paper next time you use the restroom.

Cotton Balls, Swabs, or Rounds

Although cotton balls, swabs, and rounds might appear easy enough to flush, they can lead to big problems in your pipes. When flushed, these products cannot break down in the water; alternatively, they accumulate inside the pipelines. This blockage can result in broken pipes or bent pipes.

Feminine Products

Sanitary products like tampons and other feminine products absorb liquid and, in some instances, they expand to numerous times than their first size. When flushed down the toilet, these sanitary products can swell up with water and cause blockage of pipes. It can lead to backing up or overflowing of the toilet water. To be safe and hygienic, dispose of feminine products in their proper waste trash.

Medications and Other Dangerous Materials

To deter water pollution, never flush medications or harmful materials down the toilet. The best way to dispose of these materials is to return them to a drug-take-back-site. For household waste, there is an agency in your local area wherein they create a program to collect hazardous waste in your community. They can help you dispose of the said material safely. At the same time, they will help you recycle other products.


Some bandages are non-biodegradable plastic, which can contaminate water systems when flushed. The sticky adhesive can also stick to other objects, causing a clog. Avoid these problems by placing bandages in the correct garbage can.

Food and Chewing Gum

Gums don’t dissolve when drenched in water. It only sticks onto anything. So, don’t flush it. You should wrap it in paper and throw it in a bin. Also, don’t flush leftover food. Dispose of it. Be mindful of what you throw into your toilet to prevent expensive repairs. Think before flushing.

Grease and Oil

Aside from food and chewing gum, cooking and fats must be avoided in your toilet. They look like liquid, but they cool down and become solid. It can cause blockage to your toilet.


Cigarettes must go to the ashtray or trash. Cigarettes are another waste object that can carry potentially dangerous chemicals into the water system and harm wildlife, note the professionals at Lex’s Plumbing. Also, cigarette butts do not always go down after flushing, leaving an obnoxious surprise for the next person who uses the bathroom. After putting them out, throw the cigarette butts in the garbage.

Hair and Dental Floss

Hair strands seem to flow easily to the sewer line. But, floss and hair are non-biodegradable. Therefore, they will obstruct the water from flowing, forming clogs. It can cost you a lot to remove clogs.

Pets and Fish

Alive or dead animals must not be flushed down the toilet, contrary to what people believe. Even the smallest animal may block the sewer system. Bury them, do not flush them.

It is essential to know that a toilet is a garbage can. Protect your plumbing system, and when in doubt, instead of flushing the items down the toilet, throw them in a garbage can.

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