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Jaclyn Hill House: Beverly Hills Pad


Jaclyn Hill is a YouTube star turned entrepreneur. She is all over the internet with her glamourous lifestyle and beauty looks. Furthermore she is originally from Mineral, Illinois and grew up on a farm that has been in the family for four generations. Additionally, the Hill family moved to Florida in the late 90s where she was homeschooled. Also she attended college there studying photography but stopped studying after her freshman year. Check out the Jaclyn Hill house below.

The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms over 8,000 square feet of space. Furthermore in a YouTube video she explains why she had to move from her previous house because of structural issues that put her life in danger. In the meantime she was able to lease this majestic pad located in the luxe Beverly Hills area. Ferrugio Design Associates designed this amazing home. I personally love the Zen-like entrance with the water feature. The exquisite materials really make this house amazing. They surely did an amazing job on this one!

Beverly Hills is known as the place of celebrities since the inception of Hollywood over 100 years ago. The town has a wide range of inhabitants and even many homeless people. Overall, it is still a great place to be!

Specifications: Jaclyn Hill House

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 7

Square Feet: 8,838 sqft

Price: $19.9 Million

Jaclyn Hill Address: Beverly Hills, California

Jaclyn Hill Net Worth: [Insert number]

Photos: Jaclyn Hill House

Jaclyn Hill HouseJaclyn Hill HouseJaclyn Hill House Jaclyn Hill House


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