Kitchen Cabinet Solutions for Awkward Spaces

September 29, 2021

It can sometimes be difficult to design your dream kitchen or bathroom when you have to deal with awkward or smaller spaces. But once you start seeing them as an opportunity to get creative, you can actually have a lot of fun with your projects.

You don’t have to ignore those awkward spaces in your kitchen—instead, it’s an opportunity to get creative!

In this article, we’ll talk about how to deal with corners, small areas of your home, and also hard-to-reach places. The purpose of this is so that you can get the most out of your space and not compromise on style or functionality. As everyone’s home and needs are different, think about your kitchen or bathroom while reading along, so you can visualize any revisions that could work for you.

Pesky Corners

Awkward or tricky corners can be difficult to deal with sometimes, and they have a way of throwing off your plans. But don’t let corners prevent you from designing your dream space. The best way to deal with corners is to work with them rather than fight against them. This can lead to unique design solutions that will set your home apart from others.

Work with a custom cabinet supplier so cabinets or shelving can be built that mold to the space. Corner cabinets can be built so that they flow straight across a corner, cutting the angle visually from the outside. The cabinet itself will offer lots of storage space inside, taking full advantage of the space.

The other option is to have the cabinet or shelf mold to the shape of the angle. You can accomplish this by implementing what is known as floating corner shelves. They give a visually appealing look to any kitchen, especially if you like things more open. A cabinet can mold to the corner as well by having a door with a hinge that collapses and straightens, moving with the natural angle of the room.

Either way, adding a cabinet in these corners allows you to maximize storage space. You can insert shelved inside the cabinet, or if you want something more dynamic, add a lazy Susan into the mix. Lazy Susans are perfect because corner cabinets usually end up being fairly deep. When you have the option to rotate your kitchen or bathroom supplies, you don’t have to strain or reach into the back of the cabinet.

Drawers can also be molded into a corner just like cabinets and can be incredibly eye-catching. You can design them, so they run straight across the corner, or they can match the corner and fall in line with the angle. This creates a jagged design that is quite whimsical.

Hard to Reach Places

If you have an abundance of hard-to-reach spaces in your home, like tall shelves or low drawers, there are a couple of solutions you could try to optimize these spaces for the most functionality.

If you have storage space below counter level, instead of choosing cabinets, try turning them into large pull-out drawers instead. Lower cabinets are great, but if you find that you need to constantly bend down or reach for things inside the cabinets, larger drawers are a great alternative. They easily pull out, and everything inside is on display, so you don’t have to exert more energy than necessary.

For taller cabinets or shelves, a great thing to implement is a pull-down system that can safely and easily be used to lower and raise your spices, dry ingredients, or even dishware. These are ingenious devices that a specialty cabinet maker can install, and they do wonders, especially if you find that you’re constantly trying to grab things that are out of reach.

Other custom designs that are great for hard-to-reach spaces are vertical drawers that have shelves stacked on either side when pulled out. The shelves can store oils, jars, or other condiments and are super easy to access without having to reach or bend down for them.

Small Spaces

If you have a small kitchen or bathroom, you might find that one of your issues is clutter. With a few creative tricks, cabinets and drawers can aid in adding extra storage and space to these rooms while offering sleek designs.

Adding super slim cabinets with discreet doors to the sides of pre-existing pantries, vanities, or counters is a simple yet effective way to add storage to your space. You can make them just big enough to hang things like brooms, cleaning supplies, towels, or other things that you want close at hand, but not necessarily out in the open.

Tall and narrow cabinets or shelving units are great for small spaces. You can add doors to them or keep them open, and they will save you lots of room. If you can, consider installing them into your walls, so you save even more space!

A small roll-out pantry, something no more than 4 inches wide, can be placed on wheels and fit in that tricky space between the fridge and the counter. It’s a super simple design hack that will work in your favor as it functions as a great spice rack or rack for oils.

A door storage cabinet is a clever way to take full advantage of your space, especially if you have one customized. They can be attached right to the hinge, and they will live behind the door, blending into the space. It’s great for storing small items either for your kitchen or for your bathroom.

Think Outside the Box

Get creative with your home design plans and use those awkward spaces to your advantage.

It can be a challenge to think outside the box when it comes to design. But choosing to work with custom cabinet makers will make the experience a whole lot easier since you don’t have to be restricted to what’s only available in stores.

Check out Builders Cabinet for more inspiration and to speak with one of our custom cabinet builders for more information.

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