The Hidden Benefits of Caring for Your Trees

September 29, 2021

When you look back to the end of 2019, no one could have really foreseen what was going to occur. The pandemic that followed has stopped perhaps a majority of people being able to follow their normal daily activities.

However, there have been a lot of positives to come out of what is a terrible situation. One of the things that emerged during 2020, and this year too, is that people have connected to the outside again.

This is possible because so many people have found themselves in positions where they are in their homes much more than ever before. Lockdowns, isolation, travel restrictions, remote working. All of these things have kept people away from the outdoors in a way they never experienced before.

Now though, gardening as a hobby and activity is flourishing perhaps more than ever before. While you get involved in planting herbs for the first time or reacquainting yourself with your flower beds, you shouldn’t forget any trees you have.

Trees can look after themselves, can’t they?

It isn’t that surprising that many people may think like this. When it comes to gardening, many individuals will concentrate on certain areas. Weeding, tending their flowers, or developing a vegetable patch.

One of the things to emerge from the pandemic is a newfound love of growing vegetables and minding gardens. There are many tips for keeping a beautiful garden in even the most modest space. Urban areas can benefit massively from a touch of color, but what about the trees?

Trees can easily be overlooked, but like anything alive, they need some care and attention too. If you ignore their needs, you might just miss out on some major benefits too.

What can trees do for you?

If you look after your garden then you could join the millions of people already benefiting from their hard work. Growing vegetables at home is one of the biggest trends in the US right now. This is just one of the latest sustainability drives that people are realizing that they can involve themselves in.

While it is easy for individuals to see the benefit of homegrown, organic vegetables, it is perhaps harder to understand what a tree might do.

  • Here is a brief summary of what trees can do for you:
  • Protect from soil erosion
  • Create and protect the local ecosystem
  • Provide shade
  • Provide shelter for wildlife
  • Save money
  • Increase a home’s value
  • Protect the home

Trees can shade a home, meaning that the air conditioning needs to be used less. They can stop harsh cold winds and hail from hitting the home during the winter. Trees can also help the local ecosystem, and stop soil erosion.

Topsoil is the most fertile part of a garden, and this can be washed away through rain and storms. Trees can stop or reduce soil erosion according to many studies, as reported by Rhode Island University.

Trees will reward you

If you care for your trees and maintain them with a small amount of attention, your trees will give you back much more.

Everyone knows surely that the planet couldn’t surprise without the oxygen produced by trees and other plants. However, what you may not think about are the other benefits you get from trees.

These wonderful living things can be used to situate a treehouse for your children. They can provide an incredible variety of fruit if you are lucky enough to have the right types. Trees will draw birds and beneficial insects to your garden to help you.

Trees blossom and can look beautiful, even in the fall as they turn golden and their leaves start to fall. Having trees can even mean the value of your home goes up.

Knowing how to keep your trees healthy means that you can benefit from all of this, plus more. There aren’t many downsides to owning a tree or two, except if you don’t care for them. Of course, if you are unable to care for the trees on your property (time/mobility) then you could hire a gardening or tree surgery service.

Look for a reputable company with good reviews and offers free site inspections. After a quick search, an exemplary example we found is We like that they have collected some good reviews, use qualified labour and offer free site inspections. Try searching for "Tree surgeon + your town/city" and find a local service near you.

What happens if you don’t look after your trees?

One of the biggest dangers with trees is that they can sometimes present a hazard to property or to humans themselves. This happens when a tree is diseased and isn’t treated and subsequently dies, or through other damage.

Storms are a common way for trees to become damaged, toppled, or to become a danger. Whether it is disease or damage, ignoring it can mean your tree will die and need to be removed.

In the worst-case scenario, ignoring tree damage can mean serious damage to your property, home, or injury and death. Commercial forests across Europe lose more trees a year through storms, than the whole of Poland yields for its timber.

How can you look after your trees then?

If you really want to gain all the benefits that are possible from having trees, then you have to care for them.

Trees can add more than $7,000 to the value of your home, they can reduce your energy bills, but if you don’t maintain them, they may not survive.

A regular check once every couple of years may be all you need. Perhaps your tree might need some pruning now and again too. Some things such as storm damage will be out of your control.

But, if you use reliable tree surgeons, you can make sure your tree has the best chance of staying healthy, disease-free, and giving you all the benefits you can hope for.


Trees can be majestic, ancient, and situated in huge forests. They can be exotic plants in the Amazon. Or, they can be something that you personally own and enjoy in your garden.

To reap all the benefits that a tree can give you, and there are many, you need to care for them. This means keeping an eye out for damage or disease, and calling a qualified arborist when needed. Then you can truly enjoy the garden and what your trees bring you.

Carlos Diaz
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