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The Most Important Aspects You Should Think about when Designing a Show Home


Showhomes are supposed to showcase the best a property has to offer, and it’s essential to do it as well as possible. Anyone walking into a showhome should immediately see themselves living there, whether it’s sleeping cosily in the bedroom, relaxing in the living room, or preparing a meal for their loved ones in the kitchen. Showhome design isn’t just about making everything cohesive – it’s also about making the home look comfortably familiar and welcoming. So if you are on the way to creating a showhome, what should you consider? Here are the most critical aspects you should think about when designing a showhome.

  • Concentrate on your core options

If you are starting with a blank canvas, it may seem all too daunting. But you can begin by concentrating on your core options so you can easily move on from there. For example, focus first on your flooring, and you should also carefully consider your kitchen options. These are often seen as the two most crucial springboard spots in showhome interior design, as confirmed by experts like Once you have made your choices in the kitchen and flooring of the showhome, you can continue layering in other essential features, like the finishes of the wardrobe and the tiling. It would help if you could take photographs as you move along. It’s a useful reference for your vision, and you can assess how you are getting on more objectively.

  • Make a definite plan and take measurements

You should also make a definite plan – and take measurements of the rooms and ensure that the furniture you choose is the right fit. With this, you are less likely to make a mistake with the furniture choices. From there, you can decide on the colours to use. Here’s a tip: don’t be hesitant about using colour. For instance, lighter neutrals often go well on the property’s primary walls, and if you want, you can bring in a bolder shade on a feature wall in the hallway or one of the rooms, such as the master bedroom. You can then echo this feature wall colour in other elements spread through the showhome, such as bed linen, cushions, or artwork. It will give your showhome a more coordinated feel.

  • Do it one room at a time

As mentioned, making a plan is one of your first key steps. But you can also do it one room at a time, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. First, map out each room and create a mood board for each. It pays to get as creative as possible and ensure fluidity. Once you have mapped out the space, work on your furniture selection and choose the accessories that would go with them.

  • Pay attention to the lighting

The lighting is another crucial aspect of showhome design, and natural lighting is a key element, particularly in the kitchen and bedrooms. If the property doesn’t get much natural light, you can augment it by adding various lighting fixtures, such as downlights or spotlights in the corners of the rooms and floor or standing lamps. Plants are also a good bet to bring life into the rooms, and plants can also add more colour to the home and soften sharp corners.



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