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Things to Know Before You Build a Fence

Are you planning to install a new fence around your property? It’s always a good idea to put up a fence that can not only improve your home’s curb appeal, but also provide safety, security, privacy and protection from the elements. A fence makes a house home, besides raising property value. But before you set about building a fence, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Whether you want a decorative fence or a utilitarian one to add value to your property or for safety and security, you will find a ton of different fencing options. You should choose what best fits your fencing needs. Make sure you carefully consider the following aspects before going ahead with one.

Know What You Want

The first thing you need to identify is the purpose of your fence. Why do you want a fence? Is it for safety, security – keeping your kids or your dog in the yard? A chain-link fence can probably do the trick. If however, you are looking to block noise or add privacy, you’d need a tall, wooden fence. Whatever your reasons, think about what you’re looking for to chose one that’s the best fit.

Check the Council Restrictions

Make sure you do research about the council restrictions on fencing that are applicable in your area. Consider height and look restrictions plus where the boundary of your property begins and ends. The last thin you’d want is building a fence only to be told you have to bring it down because you have obstructed your neighbour’s property. Discuss the fence with neighbours that’ll be affected by it.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

There are a variety of styles and materials of fencing to choose from, and the material you choose will largely impact how much maintenance cost the fence will incur. Wooden fences look great but require more upkeep and annual maintenance than brick fences which are strong, and provide excellent protection from noise pollution. Rendered fences with aluminium slat can be made to look like wood. It’s all about choosing the right material suiting your style and budget.

Consider Your Climate

Weather expectation of an area plays a major role in fencing material selection and installation. If your property experiences high rainfall, you should choose material that wont rot or rust, and the posts should be installed deep enough so they don’t come out if the topsoil is washed away.

Don’t Lock Yourself In

Make sure your fence has easy access and there are spacious entry points to bring things in and out of fenced property.

Create a Budget

Evaluate how much you want to spend on your new fence. Consider every aspect of the project including materials cost, hardware cost, painting cost and budget accordingly.

Contact a Contractor

Building a fence requires professional expertise as you must deal with slopes, spacing, and make sure every section of the fence match up. Invest in experienced builders like Custom Brick Fences for the perfect, long-lasting fence.




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