Think you Know Pool Lights? Think Again...

September 6, 2021


Swimming pools are once again going through a booming period. Swimming pool installations were on an upward trajectory for 14 years until the Great Recession hit. During this period installing a pool in a garden was no longer a priority for most people.

In 2020, another incredibly taxing period arrived with the event of the pandemic. This time though, swimming pool sales soared mainly due to the lockdowns that were put in place.

Although these pools are the above-ground type rather than in-ground, it proves that the public is still in love with being able to swim in their garden, play with their families, and host events around their pool.

If you are considering buying or installing a pool, have a jacuzzi, or even a pond, then solar lighting is also worth bearing in mind.

Why add solar lighting to a pool?

Unless your pool is indoors, it is likely to receive a decent amount of sunshine each day. Therefore it makes sense to harness the sun’s energy to power any lighting you might install.


In fact, solar power is perfect for many outside areas and can be used to power pool covers which can benefit the owner by reducing evaporation by over 90% and reduce heating bills. Security and decking lights can be solar-powered, and of course, so can pool lights.


Installing solar pool lights can make your home more environmentally friendly, save you money, and provide one or two more benefits that you can see below.

They are environmentally friendly

Solar pool lights charge during the day from the sun’s rays. This energy is stored and can then be used during the night. Due to the very nature of the energy source, they are very eco-friendly.

No electricity is used so therefore no fossil fuels are burnt. Also, because they use solar power, there is no increase in energy bills.

The LED lights used with solar power increase the environmental benefits as they last a very long time, much longer than any traditional form of a light bulb. This means fewer replacements, less waste, less landfill space taken up.

Pool lights increase safety

There are more than 10 million private swimming pools in the USA, and where there is a large amount of water, there is always a risk of an accident happening.

Outdoor lighting is useful for showing steps and boundaries for anyone walking around a garden or arriving by car. Similarly, lights can illuminate a swimming pool so the edges are clear and there is less risk of falling in.

Pool lights create ambiance

There are many tips for decorating a home's exterior and lighting is one of the simplest but most effective. Uplighting at the front of a home can look spectacular, and pool lights can do a great job in the garden too.

Many modern solar pool lights come in different colors and with features that older versions didn’t have. This means that pool parties, or evenings in a jacuzzi can have an enhanced ambiance from these lights. Even if a home doesn’t have a swimming pool, ponds can also benefit from floating or border lights.

Solar power saves money

While it is perhaps true that installing a full solar panel system in a home would take a long time to break even, around 10 years or more according to Investopedia. There are simple changes that can be made straight away.

When an existing pool or other outdoor lighting needs replacing, switch it out for solar-powered alternatives. This means your energy bills will start to go down and you can create a greener backyard.

What features do solar pool lights have?

The main reason many people purchase solar pool lights is that they use renewable energy. The cost saving on electricity bills is obviously appealing, but they are better for the environment too.

However, some of them also have some interesting features and options:


  • Hangable lights
  • Floatable lights
  • Color changing
  • Automatic lighting at night
  • Long-lasting
  • Heavy-duty waterproofing

While you would expect a pool light to be waterproof, many of them can work inside the pool and cope with bad weather and rain too. Many also come with different modes to switch between colors and patterns.


There are many things to know before you build a swimming pool but lighting is something that most don’t think about. Solar pool lights could create a fantastic ambiance for your outdoor areas that is great for parties. They also increase safety and could help with security too by illuminating the garden somewhat.

With fossil fuels running out and the increasing concern for the environment, using solar power with any form of lighting, whether it be for pools or security, should be the first option. Solar pool lights can be used all evening and into the night without any concern for energy usage or damage to the environment.

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