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Tips And Tricks For organizing Your Nightstand

Designed to improve your bedroom’s overall organization, nightstands take less space. These stands can be placed next to the bed to improve your bedroom’s functionality. Nightstands are used to hold several items. However, common things that can be held by a nightstand include laps and alarm clocks. Still more, you can keep books as well as toiletries, especially if your nightstand is equipped with shelves or drawers. This article is going to highlight the tips and tricks for organizing your nightstand.

Things To Keep Top

The sole purpose of a nightstand is to keep all your essentials handy. However, wrangling large items will clutter the top and make the tabletop out of reach. Items can roll over and fall over the ground. Still more, certain items may get knocked off. Use these tips to organize the top table of your nightstand:

  • All smaller items (including watches, jewelry, as well as eyeglasses) should be kept in smaller decorative-based dishes. You can place these dishes on the top table of your nightstand.
  • Instead of a large alarm clock, let your smartphone act like your alarm. Still more, smartphones come with superior flashlight capabilities.
  • Consider replacing a bedside lamp with a wall sconce to save space. Bedside lamps are huge. They can take more space. Also, a floor lamp can work like magic. Place the lamp on the bedside table
  • The top of the stand should only contain current books.
  • The white nose-based machine should be kept on the floor. It will save space.
  • Consider bringing smaller, shorter cups into your nightstand. Avoid taller cup versions. They can take up a large space on top of the nightstand.

Tips For Handling Cords

Cords can be annoying. Thus, consider fastening the cords as well as plugs. Use plastic cable-based clips to make them organized. Alternatively, you can select a bedside station that minimizes jumble cords.

Things To Keep In The Nightstand Drawers

Don’t make your nightstand drawers cluttered. The top drawer should house the most used items. On the other hand, let the lower drawers should handle the less used items. Switch to small-sized toiletries like lotions as well as tissue packets. It will eliminate clutter.

Ensure that the drawer organization is very clear. This will help you locate items quickly. Use stackable o trays when dealing with deep drawers. Preferably, think of models featuring sliding tops.

Things To Keen in The Shelves

Table-based shelves can collect a lot of dust. That’s why you should consider keeping simple items on these shelves. This will make it easy to dust the shelves. It’s important to note that a soft, wet cloth is used to clean the shelves. Don’t pile books and magazines on these shelves. Instead, keep a couple of books. Use decorative boxes on the shelves. The bottom self should store electronics.

The Bottom-Line

Organize your nightstand like a pro. Let your nightstand make your bedroom look organized. Use the above tips and tricks to get the most out of your nightstand.



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