Tips for Preventing Bathroom Mold

September 9, 2021

Molds are considered gross. It’s slimy; it stinks and makes the space look worse. This includes places such as a bathroom. Once mold has entered your bathroom, it won’t be easy to get rid of them.

In the first place, working on keeping the mold from growing is simple. Here are the best bathroom mold prevention tips. These will keep helping the home be healthy and safe.

  1. Use the fan

Before bathing or using a shower, turn the fan on for a while and let it be on for at least half an hour to remove all the moisture present inside the room. It will be less effective if you turn it on after the shower, so make sure to stay vigilant.

2. Install the fan of a proper size

A fan installed of the proper size in your bathroom takes away all the moisture in the air and sends it outside. The power level can easily be determined by the calculation that you need for your bathroom. Consider what the square footage of the room is and multiply by 1.

For the best match, make the comparison with cubic feet per minute printed on the fan.

3. If there’s a tile, annual reseal the grout lines

Grout lines are the ones where bacteria and germs breed. Therefore, if the grout sealer is replaced annually, the space will remain waterproof and mold-proof.

4. Remain on top in case of leaks as they pop up

Mold takes place when there’s moisture to help sustain it. If the leaks are unattended, there will be moisture everywhere. If you notice water pooling or faucet dripping beneath your toilet’s p-trap, it is better to get it fixed so that no issues come up in the future.

5. After every use, squeegee the shower’s inside

The experts like Victoria Plum have suggested that you need to squeegee the walls inside your bath or shower after every use. Getting rid of the moisture manually where the problem usually occurs will help to keep the space away from molds and fresh.

While storing the squeegee, it is recommended to hang it on a wall hook and not letting it sit on the ground to help prevent molds.

6. Don’t leave the linens to sit out

Linens are the house of molds. This is where bacteria breed as a fabric that creates places of darkness when they get a fold. The linens should be cleaned weekly and stored in a dry and clean place to remain free from mold and without any smell.

7. Keep the space light and bright

A mold needs two things to thrive: darkness and moisture. The tips listed above focus on handling moisture, but another way a bathroom can be defended is by keeping it bright. If the windows are there in the bathroom, keep them closed if the commode is not used.

If there are any dark corners, take care of them so that molds don’t grow. Follow all these essential tips, and your bathroom will remain clean and fresh, just like you need.

Carlos Diaz
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