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Tony Hawk House: San Diego Pad

Tony Hawk’s House Introduction

Anthony Frank Hawk, casually known as Birdman, is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur born in 1968. Tony is the owner of Skateboard company Birdhouse. Furthermore, he is famously known for being the first person to have completed the ‘900’ skateboard trick. Besides skating, Tony has featured in various movies such as Thrashin’ in 1986, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol in 1987, Gleaning the Cube in 1989, xXx in 2002, and others. He also owns a skateboarding video game series, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, which debuted in 1999 and has so far spawned 18 titles. Although Tony retired from professional skating in 1999, he continued performing at the annual X games until 2003, when he officially retired from professional skating.

tony hawk house

Tony Hawk House

Away from his career life, Tony is a family man and owns one of the coolest homes in the suburbs of San Diego. His house is three bedroomed with a living area, a set of bathrooms, a kitchen, and a playroom for children. Furthermore, the house has a home office and a collectibles section where he has kept most of his gifts and awards. Outside the house, there is an Asian-themed backyard with a skate park, trampoline, and a pool. The backyard also features a Jacuzzi and a barbecue area. In front of the house is a car park.

In summary, Tony Hawk is one of the most successful pioneer professional skateboarders. Besides competing and performing in various events, Tony has featured in several movies and has invested in a couple of businesses, including Birdhouse. Even though he owns a house in Detroit, his main residence is in San Diego, California.


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