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Top 3 Uses of an Acoustic Blanket

Do you work in a factory or another industrial facility that gets extremely noisy throughout the course of a day? If so, this noise could present problems for everyone who works in your facility.

According to the CDC, well over 22 million people are routinely exposed to dangerous noise levels at work. It often puts these people at an increased risk for hearing loss.

It’s going to be almost impossible to eliminate all of the noise from your facility. But an acoustic blanket should be able to get rid of at least some of it.

Here are three of the top ways that you can use acoustical barrier blankets in your facility to bring down the noise levels in it.

1. Covering Up Compressors

A lot of the equipment in an industrial facility is powered by compressed air. This compressed air is created by compressors.

These compressors are a necessary part of most pieces of industrial equipment. But the problem with them is that they can be very noisy.

You can make this noise go away for the most part by sticking an acoustic blanket over each compressor in your facility. This blanket will give you an opportunity to use your various compressors without having to worry about them making your facility noisier than it has to be.

2. Placing On Pumps

In addition to having a bunch of compressors in your industrial facility, there is a good chance that you also have all kinds of pumps in it. You likely utilize these pumps to move liquids around in your facility.

But just like with compressors, pumps can generate more noise than you might like. This is another area in which an acoustic blanket can help. When you Google “acoustic blankets near me,” you should be able to find at least a few blankets that will provide you with the acoustic blanket insulation that you need for pumps. It’ll quiet them down in no time.

3. Fitting Over Fans

The air inside of an industrial facility can get very stagnant if you’re not careful. This can potentially lead to different types of contaminants building up in the air over time.

You can stop this from happening by strategically positioning fans within your facility. But you’ll also want to fit an acoustic blanket over them to prevent them from making too much noise while they’re turned on.

See here to find some acoustic blankets that will be able to get the job done for you.

Buy an Acoustic Blanket Today and See How Useful It Can Be

If you don’t have an acoustic blanket over almost every piece of equipment in your industrial facility right now, you might be making a big mistake. You could be exposing those who work in your facility to entirely too much noise day in and day out.

Change this by purchasing at least one acoustic blanket to see how it works. You’ll be amazed by what a difference it can make in your facility in terms of the noise that you hear.

Get more tips that will help you make improvements to your industrial facility by reading through the other articles posted on our blog.


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