Top 5 Ways Online Document Verification Is Smoothening Travel Industry In 2021

September 10, 2021


Online document verification is the necessity of the travel industry to combat identity theft and fraud. It provides added benefits to the industry.

The travel industry was vulnerable in the year 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It faced a significant decline when countries issued travel bans to stop the spread of disease. Hence, airlines around the world lost a total of USD 371 billion as stated by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Despite the significant decrease, the industry continues to rise and shine and is booming in 2021.

Airlines are now investing in innovative technologies such as online document verification to streamline their processes. Government regulations have made it mandatory to onboard only those passengers who are either vaccinated or have a valid COVID pass. Only those covid tests are accepted that are taken within 48 hours before departure. Online document verification is providing instant services by verifying reports in the blink of an eye.

Travel Processes That Can Be Streamlined Through Online Document Verification


Self-check-ins are installed at airports by different airlines to provide a better passenger experience. It is an added convenience where passengers scan their documents through the software and OCR extracts information and verifies it. Multiple verification checks are performed through an AI-powered document verification service. Self-check-ins have enabled passengers to avoid long queues and go through fast onboarding.

Swift mobile check-in

Manual document checks are no longer beneficial in the digital world. A world that has machine learning and artificial intelligence as a technology does not need human resources that are not error-free. Popular airlines have enabled mobile check-ins. Passengers are required to upload ID document pictures and they are verified instantly. As a result, passengers avoid lengthy forms. Once the image is captured by mobile check-in applications, data is extracted through OCR technology. The data extraction application automatically fills in information required in online document verification forms.

The documents are further verified through a passenger selfie clicked from the mobile webcam. The identity verification software correlates the picture in the documents and the selfie uploaded. It matches the biometrics by performing deep checks and hence, verifies the passenger in a matter of seconds.

Safe and secure onboarding

Just like how technological advancements have made identity verification easier, similarly, now passports have NFC chips that hold passengers’ personal data. Near Field Communication (NFC) is used for online ID document verification which scans the chip and extracts stored data. Before onboarding a flight, the passenger can just scan the NFC chip and get verified. It really is as easy as it sounds. Numerous airlines are also scanning COVID vaccine passports and COVID test reports through QR codes.

Since it is practically impossible to imitate QR codes and NFC chips, only authorized passengers can be onboarded keeping scammers and fraudsters at bay.

Online ticket protection

The dark web is full of stolen identities that fraudsters use for personal financial benefits. Oftentimes, cybercriminals gain access to credit and debit card details and use them to purchase online tickets. When tickets are purchased by fake identities, they attempt to onboard the plane posing numerous risks.

Online document verification solutions allow airlines to prevent such scams and frauds from taking place. It is achieved by collecting ID documents from the passengers and verifying them along with a selfie.

Enhanced customer experience

In order to avoid drop-off rates and make sure customers are happy, it is crucial to maintain balance with identity verification services. Fraud prevention and detection can be mandated through online document verification services. Through document attestation, data can be easily extracted and forms can be filled promptly. All procedures can be executed within seconds. Employee intervention is minimized by eradicating manual verification procedures and convenience is delivered. Hence, customer retention increases providing immense profits to airlines.

On the other hand, many countries are still imposing bans on travel such as the UK has not lifted complete travel bans to avoid the spread of the new variant. The red list is reviewed at the end of every month to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Gulf countries such as UAE, and Oman recently lifted the ban from traveling in September 2021.


Although many countries lifted the ban from traveling outside the country, there are still some countries that are under the red list. Countries that want the ban to be lifted must ensure their citizens are vaccinated and their country is COVID-free. Other than vaccination, they must also ensure residents hold valid COVID vaccine passports and are not achieved from the dark web. Online document verification services can make sure countries can deter frauds, scams, and thefts.



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