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Top Tips for Storing and Organising Your Clothing and Other Wardrobe Items

Most of us will certainly have accumulated plenty of pieces of clothing through the years – from dresses to tops to trousers to sportswear, outerwear, and so on. Aside from this, we’d most likely have our fair share of shoes, accessories, bags, and others. So naturally, we all need the proper place for these, and the most obvious solution is a wardrobe. But if you already have a closet and still find yourself looking for items in different places and losing an item or two, it may be time for you to make a change. If you’re tired of finding a jumble of clothes, accessories, and more every time you open your wardrobe, here are some top tips for storing and organising your clothing and other wardrobe items.

How to start

One of the first things you can do is go over every item in your wardrobe and dispose of the items you no longer use. It’s hardly the time to be sentimental – if you haven’t used an item in more than six months, it’s best to throw it or give it away. If you can’t part with something for some reason or other, you can purchase a nice box and store it inside. The box can serve as storage for your mementoes. But decluttering is a necessary step, and once you finish decluttering, you can move forward to the next step: organising.

How to store and organise your things in your wardrobe

  • Stack them

If you have thicker clothing pieces like jumpers, cardigans, and denim jeans, it’s better to stack them on the shelves instead of hanging them on the rails or placing them inside drawers. You’ll save more space this way, and these items are ideal for shelves because they’re thick and sturdy, which means they won’t crease, slump, crinkle, or lose their structure even if you fold them.

Another great advantage of stacking is that it will be easier to see each item, and you can conveniently get what you need from the stack or pile.

  • Roll them

You may have plenty of t-shirts, workout clothing like leggings and shorts, and pyjamas as well, and these can all take up a lot of space within your wardrobe. Fortunately, these items are usually quite pliable and thin, so they’re ideal for rolling and tucking. Rolling and tucking your clothes can help you save a lot of space within your wardrobe drawers. Rolling and tucking is easy, too – fold each item in half, roll the item into a tube, and then tuck it into the drawers. You can also make use of transparent bins or wire baskets, or boxes without covers. Better yet, why not invest in a fitted or built-in wardrobe? Built-in wardrobes are perfect because you can have them made according to what you need. If you need more drawers for such items, it’s easy to incorporate that into your fitted wardrobe, as bespoke wardrobes Leeds specialists such as My Fitted Bedroom confirm.

  • Store ‘em for easy access

Another excellent thing you can do to keep your wardrobe organised is store the clothing items you use the most at eye level. We all have our favourite pieces that we regularly wear, so it’s better to store them at eye level to easily find them when you need them.




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