What is the best washing machine to buy in 2021?

September 15, 2021

Washing machines have become a part of houses soon after their invention. These machines are now an irreplaceable part of the required household appliances. Even though they started as simple machines designed to wash clothes, washing machines nowadays have various complicated features. These features. To choose the best washing machine in India, one must first know the types of washing machines, their functions and their benefits.

Advantages of using a washing machine

As hand washing is quite common in India, mostly among those who can’t afford to buy washing machines, one might argue that the need for washing machines is baseless. But the best washing machine brands settled that argument.

Washing machines have many benefits over hand washing. A machine wash takes up very little time when compared to a hand wash. This is because it allows the user to load up a washing cycle and leave without monitoring the whole process. It also eliminates the need to wash each stain off one by one, saving energy. The clothes can be dried once the cycle is completed.

Washing machines come in various capacities to cater to all requirements. They also come with different cycles for washing different kinds of clothes. This ensures maximum efficiency. The availability of a range of programs also allows them to clean everything from soiled clothes to delicates with consistency.

Choosing a Washing Machine

Many manufacturers market their products as the best washing machine in India. But getting the ideal machine means knowing the range of available options and what to look for when selecting them.

There are three main ways to differentiate washing machines. By its loading type, they are classified into top load and front load machines. By their function type, they are said to be semi-automatic or fully automatic. The last type of categorisation is based on its capacity.

Semi-automatic Washing Machine

These are entry-level machines with very few features. They are also the best priced washing machines. Most of the best washing machine companies make them too. They usually come with two tubs, for washing and for drying. They are called semi-automatic because of this separation. This requires the user to manually shift wet clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub. Even though operating semi-automatic washing machines requires some effort, the low pricing makes them an attractive option.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

As the name suggests, the washing process is completely automatic in these machines. Top washing machine brands usually have their lineup of these best quality washing machines. It has only one tub and does not require any manual assistance. This takes many time-consuming processes out of the equation, like filling up the water and transferring clothes to the drying tub. They also come with many more features than semi-automatic machines. Fully automatic machines are classified into two based on their loading type - top load and front load.

  • Top Load Machines - As the name suggests, the design of the machine sits vertically, and the clothes are loaded from the top. These are also some of the top washing machines available today. There is only one tub, and they are quite economical compared to front-load machines. They also have lesser features than front-load machines. A pipe is used to connect the water inlet to the machine. This allows the machine to control the flow of water according to the requirement and cycle type.
  • Front Load Machines - The design of this type of washing machine is oriented horizontally as the clothes are loaded from the front. This design is the latest one and was made in an attempt to incorporate more advanced technology. They come with many useful features like timers, a variety of wash programs and child lock systems. They are more expensive than top-load machines but are worth it because of the available features. They include some of the best washing machine brands available.

Washing Machine Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine is measured in kilograms and should be chosen according to the requirement. The number of people using it and the frequency of washes are the factors to consider when determining the machine’s capacity. The type of clothes can also be considered a factor. This is because of the variation in the size and weight of clothes. Some clothes are large but lightweight, while others are small but heavy. Only one-third of the machine’s tub should be filled for optimum washing.

If the washing machine is being purchased for a family who washes clothes about twice a week, larger machines are preferred. If the frequency of washing is more, a medium-size machine can also be satisfactory. This is because of the reduction in the number of clothes washed per cycle. Small-sized washing machines can also be used if the clothes are divided into frequent small cycles. The only downside to this is added time.

Things to keep in mind

With many features available, it is vital to look out for a few to ensure the machine being purchased is the ideal one. Some of these are as follows.

  • Tub Material - Stainless steel tubs are the best as they are long-lasting and can withstand high spin speeds. Plastic tubs are also pretty decent and durable. Enamel tubs are not recommended as they may rust and chip.
  • Wash Settings - Washing machines have a variety of options like the water level in wash settings. Check to see if the available options meet the requirements.
  • Spin Cycle - This refers to the rotations made per minute by the tub to dry the clothes. It differs according to the type of clothing being dried.
  • Fuzzy Logic - This is an advanced feature that selects the best wash settings automatically. This also includes weight detection.


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