Why are Wood Burning Ovens Considered So Special?

September 18, 2021

Old is gold. Our subconscious never really let’s go of the primitive aspects of our culture that nourished us for so long. We hold on to them and attempt to reimagine them through time. We try to make our new inventions resemble them. Now and then, the old things come back in a nostalgic burst of trend.

So it is with cooking using firewood. For man, wood has been the primary fuel for millennia. Firewood has warmed us and cooked our food. It has flavoured our food and influenced our cooking in a way our collective subconscious will not forget.

The Wood Burning Stove and Oven

The wood-burning stove is almost 500 years old. The device consists of a firebox connected to a flue. The flue must maintain a temperature higher than the surroundings to draw away smoke and carbon monoxide. The firebox has an opening that draws in air to combust the lit wood.

Most cooking was done atop the stove. The inside of the firebox and the heat of the ashes inspired a different type of cooking- baking. Soon the baking function inspired a specialized extension of the appliance.

With time naturally, the wood-burning stove and oven took on an aesthetic as well as functional role. It became imperative to design a stove that was both practical and good to look at.

Therefore, the wood-burning oven and stove evoke raw feelings of nourishment, warmth, and homeliness. The sight and smell of a wood-burning range take us back to a time when life was simple and the hearth the heart of the home.

It is no wonder that while the wood-burning oven has never really been out of fashion, it is becoming more popular. This popularity can be put down to several factors:

The Cooking Capabilities of Wood

Woods cooking capabilities are second to none. Nothing can bring out a cook's actual skill than to cook over a wooden fire. The ability to exploit the irregular heat of a wood-burning oven to turn a delicious meal is a true testimony of skill.

Faster cooking times

The wooden oven can reach temperatures of 500 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in a relatively shorter time. This makes cooking faster and presents a welcome challenge to those who want to prove their skills.

The quick cooking turns out pizzas with a softer, puffier, and crisp on the outside. Such pizzas are a unique delicacy.

Flavour filled cooking

The wood-fuelled stove's high heat quickly crisps up the food outside, which locks in all the flavours. After that, the inside cooks at a slower pace. The result is food with a taste you can't replicate cooking in any other manner.

Perhaps the wood-burning oven's biggest charm is its ability to infuse a smoky flavour into its cooking food. Cooks will often be particular about the type of wood they use for cooking. So sought after is the smoky flavour that there are liquid smoke marinades.

Meats cooked in the wood oven are healthier than those cooked in any other way. Wood is natural, so its fires don't contain any chemicals. Wood smoke is dangerous when inhaled over a long period.

The Many Uses of the Wood Burning Oven

The wood-burning stove does more than bake or roast. You can use its floor as a stovetop to simmer foods. Some ovens are designed to have a stovetop as well as a pit.

You can use the heat they provide to keep food warm to eat later. This reduces the need to reheat. It is advisable to leave it there before it is full cooked as it will keep on cooking.

Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is also possible with the wood oven, as is smoking meats and fish to keep.

Wood-burning ovens are also fantastic for heating on cold days. They can do this both indoors and outdoors. Because of this, they are great places to congregate around and promote a good feeling as food is cooked and eaten. This feeling of community makes them great entertainment spots.

The wonderful thing is that the oven can accomplish all these tasks simultaneously.

A Feature of Decor  

Wood-burning stoves give a traditional and authentic feel to your décor, whether inside your home or in your backyard. The sight of a wood fire flickering is enough to evoke warm feelings of home.

Your home looks more inviting. Wood-burning ovens and stoves are cooking appliances that work in a powerfully visible way. An electric range, on the other hand, seems an item of show. It cooks without displaying the fact that it is cooking.

The wood-burning stove has brought centuries of nourishment and community to the family. Once more, as it re-enters our lives, in its true form or imitation, it offers to turn us from the enforced solitude of mobile devices to our loved ones and good food.

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