Why Windows and Doors positioning are crucial inside a House

September 29, 2021

Airing the house is one of the most important actions to do daily. That is true, even in winter, when you live in a northern country and the weather is cold. It all starts when the house is being built though, as positioning windows and doors is an important part of the capacity of a house to have good air movement.

Plan the House Wisely

In the big city, we often keep our windows and doors closed, so that the air from outside doesn’t get in. But although there is pollution in the air that we breathe, while walking around, it can become a lot worse at home, if we don’t air it out, regularly. When an architect creates house plans, he has to take in account airing when he positions the windows and doors, so that they can create a strong draft.

However, according to the type of windows and doors used, they will help or render the process of airing more difficult. Today, thanks to the large quantity of aluminium windows and doors, there is a great variety of openings available. That will make a great difference in the capacity they provide to refresh the air in a house. If a window can open entirely or if a door can let in a large draft, it will make the situation much easier. To discover all the aluminium doors and windows available, take a look at https://aluprof.eu/en.

Why is airing so Important?

In one sentence: Our homes accumulate harmful substances, that need to be aired out. That is why we need to let the air from outside, go through the house, between fifteen to thirty minutes per day. It’s even more true, now that many of us spend a larger amount of time inside the same walls, all day. Workers that have been relocated at home to do their job, have to take this in account. For them, but also for the rest of the family.

However, there are more than just harmful chemicals accumulating inside our house. There are also bad odors that remain inside. They can come from cooking, cigarette smoke, animals, to name but a few of the potential culprits. When you air the house, you also play a big part in helping to avoid infections and diseases. Whether someone coughs or sneezes inside, they eject potential viral or bacterial elements in the air. If it remains there, other people could also catch them and get sick. Finally, this applies to mold growth, as well. If not aired correctly, they may grow on walls, ceilings and floors, and cause health problems.

Tips For Window Placement And Design In Hotter Climates

Window placement and design are always important, especially if you live in cities like Phoenix and Tucson, where the mercury reaches astonishing heights during the summer. The best window & door company in Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, or similarly hot areas will know how to best mitigate the heat with product selection, smart placement & ventilation.

Here are some things you can consider to avoid the penetrating rays of the sun during summer months and maximize air passage throughout the house:

Low E Glass

Low E glasses, aka Low Emissivity glasses, are specially made glasses that minimize solar radiation. They have paper-thin ceramic or metal coatings on them. Low E glass won’t make your house dark since the light will pass through, but it will keep a decent amount of heat outside.

Window Tints

Window tints offer a cheaper way to reduce the scorching heat of the sun. Low E glass is slightly more expensive than conventional glass. So you can choose to use window tint films instead. A high-quality window tint film will prevent most of the UV rays from getting inside and keep the interior temperature at comfortable levels. Just make sure if you want window tinting for your home, you only use a professional installer.

Stationary Windows

You won’t enjoy opening the windows much in places like Seattle and Miami, where the humidity is off the charts. So, stationary windows can make more sense in these regions. They will cost less, and you can invest the money you save in a fancy porch, where you can enjoy some fresh outside air whenever you feel like it.

Maximize Air Flow

Maximizing the air flow inside your house can save you some money on energy bills. Cross ventilation is a great way to do this. Go for a pair of windows in every room. We would also recommend putting awning windows higher up in the walls so that the heat can get out.

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