10 Tips From The Locksmith Chamblee To Help You Avoid Losing Your Keys

October 7, 2021


Locks are small contraptions installed on the doors of houses, commercial establishments, and cars. However, they’re powerful enough to prevent unauthorized people, and from gaining access to areas where they shouldn’t be. They can even stop criminals from going about and looting a place or stealing an automobile. However, a lock won’t do you any good if you lose the key. Here are a few tips from the Top Atlanta Locksmith that’ll ensure you never misplace them.

  1. Get a Bluetooth-powered key locater: The technological advancements of today have simplified just about everything. It isn’t only about ordering food and buying clothes or electronic goods through mobile applications. Today, you can even snoop out a lost key. Indeed, there are several Bluetooth-powered GPS key trackers and finders you can use to look for lost keys via your smartphone. Consider getting one of them.


  1. Be more organized: Yes, there’s no better way to say this – you have to become much more organized in the way you live to ensure you never lose anything, even something as small as the key to the front door or your vehicle. The best locksmith in Chamblee often meets clients who lose their keys simply because they lack this fundamental trait. Make sure you don’t avoid mastering this trait.
  2. Put things where they should be: As an extension of the previous point, you should put things back where they belong immediately after using them. After all, it’s part of leading an organized lifestyle. You’ll inevitably lose your grip on things if you don’t stick to an order. In fact, you have to try to make it a habit. Once you do, you’ll replace everything back in their places after using them, and you’ll do it subconsciously.
  3. Mind training: Staying organized is of the utmost importance if you hope to never lose your things. While you’ll eventually make it a habit when you constantly replace things back in their rightful places after using them, there’s another element to it. It incorporates training your mind to become more organized than before through visualization.
  4. Look around: Whenever you have to step outdoors for an extended period, remember to scan all rooms for objects before doing so. Once you start putting things back in their places after using them, you won’t just become organized; you’ll also create extra space in your home. The best Locksmith Norcross is also a human, after all. He/she never loses his/her keys because he/she leads an organized lifestyle. He/she also looks around in every room of his/her house before leaving for work every day.
  5. Use your phone: Your smartphone isn’t there to help you send messages, make phone calls, buy stuff online, browse the internet, and gain access to social media platforms. There’s a “Reminders” app in it that you can use to make sure you never lose or forget anything. You should start using this app at the earliest.
  6. Clothes: Indeed, the clothes you wear will help you become more organized. It’ll also ensure you never lose stuff, whether it’s your keys, wallet, or something similar. Women’s clothes, in particular, tend to be ludicrously small and non-functional. These pockets make it difficult for a lady to carry objects from one place to another. If you’re a woman, you should look for garments with functional pockets.


  1. A noticeable keychain: At times, keys tend to elude your eyes simply because you use a small and inconspicuous keychain. If you ask a Locksmith Chamblee for advice, he/she will suggest using something obnoxious. Even if you hate them, you’ll soon thank the service provider for his/her advice. After all, the weird appearance and large size of the chain will ensure you never lose the key.
  2. Get a duplicate: Everyone should always hire a locksmith in Norcross to get duplicate keys created to the doors of their houses, commercial properties, and vehicles at all times. After that, you should store the copies in a safe place or entrust them with someone you have complete faith in.
  3. Take some time to think: Finally, whenever you’re going to put something down as important as the key to your house or car, take a couple of seconds to think about your actions. Would you be able to remember where you kept it the next morning? Is it the place where you store keys always? Is the place secure enough to ensure no one can steal the keys? Let the answers to these questions dictate your actions.

Concluding statements

Only a few things are as frustrating as losing your keys, but with these tips from the Top Atlanta Locksmith, you won’t lose anything.


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