10 Water Heater Problems A Plumber Chula Vista Can Solve Within Minutes

October 7, 2021



Numerous problems affect water heaters from time to time. Some of these issues are simple enough to resolve within a few minutes. However, there are others that can be difficult to fix. You need an expert plumbing service provider like Rooter Hero to address those problems before it turns into costly damage. Here you’ll learn about 10 water heater disturbances. Knowing them will ensure you take the right preventive measure or repair project at the right time.

  1. Lifespan: The lifespan of a water heater depends on several factors, but they usually remain operational from about five to ten years. Water heaters running on electricity have a maximum lifespan of about ten years. On the other hand, gas-based units have a significantly lower life expectancy. Tank-less devices, however, are the best.
  2. Water discoloration: As long as heated water remains colorless, you’ll know they’re in perfect condition. Then again, the metallic components of these machines, particularly the anode, will rust with time. If you contact a plumber Chula Vista, you can get it replaced.
  3. Noisy water heaters: Nobody wants to hear those crackling and popping noises that may come from water heaters. It usually means that the tank contains a sediment layer that you need to get rid of. You mustn’t ignore it if you encounter sounds coming from your heater. Contact a plumber for maintenance services immediately.
  4. Running out of hot water: A few homeowners run out of hot water frequently. This isn’t exactly a problem affecting the water heater per se. Before you consider contacting a Plumber San Marcos, think about whether you’ve been using the machine more frequently or not. If your family has grown recently, then usage patterns will inevitably change. You may have to purchase a larger tank or opt for a tank-less unit.
  5. Leakage on top: Have you been noticing the presence of a lot of water above your water heater these days? If that’s the case, maybe there’s a leak in the pipe or intake valve. Leaks are also commonplace if the anode rod sustains damages. The same can happen if the TPR or temperature and pressure release valve starts malfunctioning. These problems need immediate attention.
  6. Leakage at the bottom: Once the water heater starts leaking from its base, you’ll know that a much more severe problem is affecting your machine compared to leaking from the top. Of course, leaking from the bottom can also be a minor issue. You won’t have any idea concerning the gravity of the damage as long as you don’t contact the best Plumber Chula Vista.
  7. Absence of hot water: If you aren’t getting any hot water at all, you should start by inspecting the main power source. For electronic variants, maybe the circuit breaker got tripped or maybe it’s a blown fuse. As soon as the power source starts functioning normally, the heater should begin working as it should.
  8. Low water pressure: There are a few problems associated with water heaters that may reduce the water pressure when you turn on your shower or faucet. The best way of narrowing down the overall scope of this issue is to go to a washbasin and flip the cold water faucet. If it flows normally, you should turn off the spigot and turn on your hot water. It will tell you whether you have a problem concerning the hot water supply system or not.
  9. Lukewarm water: Why would anyone want to get doused in icy cold water when they want a luxurious hot water bath? Whether you own electronic or gas-based water heaters, getting lukewarm water can be attributed to several problems. You probably lost electricity or the pilot light got extinguished.
  10. Bad smell in the water: You may receive foul-smelling hot water if the anode rod is faulty. The purpose of this component is to gather corrosive chemicals and keep them as far away as possible from the heating unit. This device will corrode gradually, and you need a plumber San Marcos to get it replaced.


Well, there you have it – some of the most common problems affecting water heaters of all kinds. Fortunately, for Rooter Hero, solving these issues is a piece of cake. So, contact them when you have a reason to believe your water heater needs the healing touch of a professional plumber.


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