4 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

October 25, 2021



Whether it’s your porch, patio, or deck with a few simple suggestions you can transform your outdoor space into the perfect place for your morning coffee, evening relaxation spot, or next dinner party entertaining friends and family. In this article, we’ll share some ideas which can inspire you to give your outdoor area a makeover.


Before you begin your design, decide on the purpose you intend for your outdoor area. The space available to you may limit your options as a larger area can fulfil a multi-purpose function, whereas a small balcony may simply offer somewhere to sit and relax.

Whether you plan to entertain, cook, sunbathe or create a relaxing sanctuary to unwind, give some thought to how you intend to use your outdoor space before you introduce specific features.


Make the most of the views your outdoor space naturally affords you by orienting your seating to take in the best sights. If your space is east-facing, take advantage of the opportunity to watch the sunrise while enjoying a cup of coffee, or a cocktail with friends as the sun sets if it is in a more westerly direction. If you have a specific feature in your outdoor area, such as a swimming pool or fire pit, make sure seating allows for people to enjoy the view.

If there isn’t much in the way of scenic interest, you can easily create a visual focal point in your outdoor design and organize your layout around it. For example, a piece of artwork, an arrangement of flowers, or an assortment of hanging lanterns can work wonders.


Incorporating the elements to help you create the right ambience for your space is always a popular outdoor design trend.

  • Water: A water feature such as a fountain or small babbling brook can offer an added sensory experience in the background. The tranquil sounds of flowing water can enhance feelings of relaxation and help you to unwind, making them the perfect features for an outdoor haven or retreat. If your home is close to the ocean or a lake, consider hiring an experienced landscape designer to help you make the most of what nature has given you.
  • Fire: As the sun sets and the evenings get cooler you can still enjoy your outdoor space by creating warmth through heated overhead lamps or gathering guests around the bright glow of a fire pit.
  • Lighting: Lighting offers one of the most versatile and powerful ways to transform your outdoor area to create the ambience you desire. Introduce candles to outdoor dining areas or intersperse your decking with lanterns. Fairy lights can be strung from decking to add visual appeal and a magical touch to summer evenings or to light up surrounding trees to create a more expansive feel to your space.

Soft Furnishings

Add comfort and style to your outdoor space with the use of soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, and blankets. Go for materials that are suitable for the outdoors such as reticulated foam cushions designed for quick drying when wet and fabrics that are UV-resistant and won’t fade quickly when exposed to sunlight.

Now that you have some suggestions on where to start, why not take some of the outdoor design ideas in this article to create the space of your dreams.


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