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5 Considerations When Renting Storage Units

Storage units provide a convenient way of keeping your items safe while freeing up some space in your home or office. The best thing about them is that you can use them for as long as you want, so you can have a safe place for your valuable belongings or use them short-term, especially if you’re relocating.


As easy as it sounds, renting a storage unit is more complicated than most people think. There’s a wide range of factors to consider such as the following:

1. Location

One of the most important factors to consider when renting storage units is the location. You need to do your homework to ensure that the storage facility is located in a safe and convenient place. Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of a self-storage facility is its location.

You want to pick a storage facility that’s near to your home or office as much as possible. Having easy access to your valuables whenever you need to have them is one of the many advantages offered by storage units, and this will only be possible if you pick a storage facility that’s conveniently near to you.

2. Size

Another important thing to consider when renting a storage unit is how much space you need. If you’re simply storing important documents or a single bag of valuable items, a storage locker should be enough for you. They’re more affordable and are also found in storage facilities.

But if you’re going to store large items such as old furniture, you should consider a larger storage unit. If you have a vehicle or a boat you want to store, you may want to choose a storage unit that comes with an outdoor space. They’re more affordable than an indoor storage unit and they’re also good at protecting your vehicles.

To check the size of the storage unit you’re going to rent, be sure to visit the facility before you pay. This is to ensure that the layout and the size of the storage unit meet your needs.

3. Security

You should ensure that the storage unit is secure. Check to see what kind of security measures are in place such as 24/7 video surveillance, roving security guards, perimeter fencing, individual door alarms, smoke and motion sensors, ample lighting, and others. Security is even more critical, especially if after-hours access to the storage facility is allowed.

Also, check to see if regular storage unit cleaning is conducted and what kind of steps the personnel takes to clean your unit without compromising the safety of your items. Don’t compromise the safety of your most prized possessions in a storage facility that’s lacking in security measures.

4. Insurance

You should also check if the storage unit you’re going to rent also comes with an insurance. If possible, you should only rent a unit from storage facilities that offer insurance policies. Having insurance can protect you financially in case something happens to your rented storage unit.

Just make sure that you fully understand the insurance policy they offer. Most of the time, weather damage is usually covered, but you may also opt to include theft coverage or increase the amount you’re going to be covered for. If the storage facility doesn’t offer insurance, look for a third-party insurance company to provide you the coverage you need to protect your most valuable possessions.

5. Amenities

This is especially important if you’re keeping items in your storage unit that requires extra care and protection from different kinds of elements such as extreme temperatures and humidity. Check to see if the storage unit you’re going to rent has climate and humidity control features. These will allow you to protect your belongings from getting damaged because of moisture, molds, and mildew.

Climate-controlled storage units, however, are more expensive than the standard ones, but the additional costs will be worth it as they can ensure that your items are protected against extreme temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has different needs and reasons for renting a storage unit, so there’s no one-size-fits-all storage unit for everyone. The best way to rent a storage unit that meets your needs is to visit a storage facility and check it out. From there, you can ask the personnel what kind of security measures are in place. You might also want to communicate with the staff members if you’re looking for a specific type of storage unit. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you look for a unit that’s suitable for your belongings.


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