5 Questions to Ask Before Doing Business with Movers and Packers in Al Ain

October 13, 2021

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Trusting your precious belongings to some movers and packers in Al Ain can be quite difficult during an address move. This wouldn’t come off surprising as most of these items come with some sort of sentimental, practical, and of course, monetary value to you or anyone in the house with you. That is why if you’re looking to relocate to or from Al Ain and planning to hire movers and packers to help you during the moving date, it is necessary to find a reputable company that offers value for your money. After all, moving is both tiring and expensive. Read more on Al Ain movers.


But how do you filter the best house movers from the rest? Simple. Ask questions. The easiest way to make sure that a company caters to all your needs is to ask all of the questions you have in mind. When you’re done shortlisting your prospective companies, remember to throw these questions before you decide to hire one.

1. Can you tell me more about your experience as movers and packers in Al Ain?

This is one of the most important things to ask especially when you own rare or expensive items that most Al Ain movers do not come across. Some examples of these precious pieces are family antiques, expensive paintings, and even a grand piano. All of these require special skills and vast knowledge in moving to prevent dents and damage. These types of items aren’t something that movers can just carry and put inside a moving truck. They need to be wrapped and packed, dismantled properly, and handled gently.

2. Do you offer insurance?

A lot of unfortunate things can happen during the move. Sometimes, the risks are beyond the mover’s control. The best way to assure the safety of your belongings is to avail of insurance. If the company with a crew of packers and movers does offer insurance, inquire about the details of coverage and ask if you need to pay extra to get one. Some companies don’t include this in the quote that they give.

3. How much will I be paying?

Most movers in Al Ain (or even any movers in Abu Dhabi) will give you an initial quote depending on how big your current house is and how far is the new address to the old one. All of the fees that you need to pay should be written in the contract. Once you’re okay with the quote and decide to move forward with the company you’ve chosen, ask for a copy of the contract so you have evidence of the transaction when problems arise.

The document should include the following but not limited to:

  • Breakdown of all the fees and charges for the move (including the total)
  • Date and method of payment
  • Signature of both the mover and the customer

Additional Fees

You also need to be aware if there are additional fees that you need to pay on top of the initial quote that they’ve given. Some movers bill you extra for some items that require special care and are difficult to transport. They can also add a fee for destinations that are difficult to access. Therefore, if you want to avoid unanticipated charges, take note of the conditions that will likely mess your budget.

4. Where is your office situated?

A legit moving company should have a main office, branches (for huge ones), and a reachable contact number. Asking for the address of the main office can help you verify if you’re about to do a transaction with an ‘existing’ company. You can further verify their legitimacy by researching if the company has a license to operate. Now that most transactions are done online, a few taps in your computer can save you a boatload of money.

5. What preparations should I do before the date of the move?

You should ask the moving company what you need to do or prepare before the actual move. Some of the preparations may include making sure the boxes and tapes are ready or that they have adequate parking space for the moving truck. If you decide to not hire packers and do the packing yourself, they can also give you tips on how to pack things properly to avoid damage.


As a customer, you should rest easy knowing that the movers in Al Ain you’re planning to hire is legit and is experienced in the field. To do this, you have to ask the questions mentioned above. After all, a legit and reputable company won’t have qualms answering them as they know it comes with the job. Check out more on Urban Splatter.

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